Monday, August 30, 2010

Jennifer McGuire Class Projects

As I mentioned in previous posts, I took a class yesterday at Angela's Happy Stamper (my LSS) given by the FAMOUS Jennifer McGuire. She just oozes talent, she does! So without divulging EVERYthing we learned, I thought I'd show you a few of the cards we made (not necessarily in the order we made them).

For this one we used Memento markers to color on the stamp. That's a Tim Holtz die cut. And I need to point out that *I* stamped both the text background AND the "hello", and they are both pretty much straight. First time for everything. I have a few more pearls I need to apply ... I forgot to do them with the rest of my homework last night.


This is where we got really messy. We were basically finger-painting, and it was so fun! We used Ranger Distress inks + pearlized water, I think. And Distress Stickles! This one is very sparkly.


For this one we painted the butterfly with Ranger Distress ink + Liquid Pearls. We also dragged the background piece through the remaining ink. The sample had solid stripes of color, and my first attempt was actually perfect since Jennifer used my paper for the demonstration at our table. Then *I* touched it, and had to start over. As you can see, mine came out not solid, but I decided I really, REALLY liked it this way.


For this one we applied Ranger Distress inks and sprayed it with pearlized water until it was drippy, then set it aside to dry. Once dry, it is A-MA-ZING! But as much as I love EVERYthing about this card, check out the center:

I apply pearls to cards, but I never think to stack them like this. In fact, once we started applying the outer circle of pearls, everything just seemed right with the world. Part of our homework was to fill the center of the circle with [I used Crystal Effects] and set that top pearl in place and let dry. Stunning! You can also sortof see the shimmer in the orange & yellow. SO pretty!


This one was 100% homework, and I'm not quite done, yet - you can still see the white dots through the pencil. That Jennifer is very clever! She stamped this for us and all we had to do when we got home was color the poppy with pencils. I used my SU pencils I'd forgotten I owned. ;/ She did one like this on her blog (practicing for us, no doubt!) :-)

There are three other cards for a total of 8, but one of them is very, very crooked (my fault) and the other two still need some work.

All I can say is: this class was worth every penny, and I'm sorta sad I didn't sign up for the second class in the afternoon. If you EVER get a chance to take one of Jennifer McGuire's classes - DO IT! You will not be sorry!

So yeah, these are pretty artsy for something out of my craft room, but you just never know. I might actually USE some of that Ranger stuff I already own. Whaaat ... it could happen.

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  1. awesome, awesome, awesome!!! Love them!

  2. Those are gorgeous! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  3. GORGEOUS cards!! I agree with you - I LOVE the way your stripes weren't solid!! Looks like it was a fantastic class!

  4. Absolutely lovely!! I adore using the inks with water & Perfect Pearls, too. One of my favorite techniques ever. So pretty! Can't wait to see your next Ranger-y projects. :)

  5. Your cards are wonderful and I am so envious! I'd love to take a Jennifer McGuire class, it would be so much fun. Congrats on the straightness of your stamping :-)

  6. you stamped something straight???
    Did it hurt???

  7. Pretty, pretty, pretty, GORGEOUS, fabulous!

    How fun! :)

  8. Love all the cards - but the You Brighten My Day card is superb!!

    I was just scrolling through Jennifer's scraproom photos on her site. O M G ! ! !


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