Friday, August 6, 2010

(This Post Has No Title)

I've been in a mild panic the past few hours. I thought I had three projects planned for this weekend's Stamp Camps, but when I made what I thought was #4, all I could identify were TWO others. ACK! Like I said: panic.

I've been sequestered in The Captain's Quarters, attempting to rectify this terrible situation. I eventually made two cards that I have dubbed #3 and #4. Let's begin with #4:

I like this set: Just Believe. I like it a lot. I like Poppy. I like it a lot. I was determined to use Poppy this month, and I felt adding poppy to the flowers here would scratch that itch. The butterflies are left over from last month's Stamp Camps, so I used them again. Oh, well. And did you notice: no ribbon! I make up for it with the other projects. There will still be muttering. Trust me.

This next card is me being determined to make a Stamp Camp card with the owl punch. It turned out to be a lot of work. I started with the owl card in this post as my inspiration, then moved on to make it my own. Let me show you a few of the difficult decisions that had to be made along the way.

First, we have the pretty paper. I absolutely wanted to use Elegant Soiree (Crumb Cake, Soft Suede, Baja Breeze, Vanilla). I chose the striped paper for the band of card stock and then I had to make a choice for the owl's tummy/breastplate. Here is one side of the paper:

I really like the contrast of the circles with the stripes, but I wasn't feeling the love, so I flipped it over to this side:

Better. I liked it better. Then I played with wings. Here we have no wings:

... and here is a version with some of the bird wings tucked under the owl:

No, this is not my idea. I saw it on a blog and I liked it so I tried it. And I LIKE it.

The only problem with so many different pieces of owl: three parts for the eyes, the breast plate, the body, the heart (which I now see I forgot to stick on) ... part of my decision on Stamp Camp worthiness is how much work will be involved, and will The Ladies revolt. If we make this card, they will need to punch four different papers with the owl punch to get all the parts-is-parts they need to make this one owl. Here is a sample of the carnage:

Owl parts everywhere. And I was selectively punching - not doing ALL the owl parts each time. Perhaps there will be less grumbling if they get to take all the extra parts home with them. Ah, well. It's all I've got, so it shall have to do. Oh, wanna see the finished card (minus the heart)? Here you go:

I'm actually pretty happy with it! Although, the Kraft taffeta ribbon is undoubtedly illegal since it's retired. Sigh. The Ladies can also choose to stamp their sentiment straight. I don't do that ... I have a reputation to maintain.

In other news, it is supposed to be a glorious day tomorrow for the farmers market. I am sooo happy! I even went to the grocery store on the way home from work today (I KNOW!) and got a few things I'll bring with me for breakfast and lunch. It might help me eat fewer baked goods. Well, it might!

I need to go start setting up the mis en place for tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. LOVE the owl card. Now that my punch has arrived, I may be case-ing your card :)

  2. owl. This could be fun.

  3. I am always impressed and amazed by your dedication to make something new every day!

    I love your little owl car, and I also like your choices ("Owl parts everywhere" totally made me laugh!)

  4. Love those cards! I NEED that owl punch!! If *I* was in your group, I wouldn't complain... I LOVE ribbon!!!


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