Sunday, August 8, 2010

Market Update

It was another glorious day for Saturday's market, and people were out and they were SHOPPING! YAY! Always a good thing for a market!

First, I'd like to apologize to my blog readers, including a few of my Tweeps, who have yelled at me for not posting this sooner. SORRY, but I had my Stamp Camps this weekend and I've been a LITTLE BIT BUSY!

You know what? I could so easily take pics from any other market post and just re-post them for you, and you'd never know the difference, but I am above all that. So if you want the real thing, you're just going to have to be patient with me on the days I have a life.

Now that I've gotten that out of my system, let's get started, shall we? :)

Melons and Maters:


Time for some salsa. Mmmmmmm. I'll blog about it if I get to it.

Pretty sweet peppers:

Pickling cukes, most of whom have grown past pickling size:

Still my favorite cukes ever!


OMG, I smelled this all day long! So good!



Major Zukes:

Biiiiiiiiig mommas. For stuffing. Or zucchini bread.

Poblanao peppers:

I just diced up one of these and sauteed it with onions and mushrooms for a burger topping. YUM!

More melons:

Some of Farmer Katie's fresh-cut flowers:

... and beans:

and yellow (almost orange) squash:

... and fruit:

From the flower guy, some sunflowers:

... and more sunflowers:

... and some yellow stuff that is NOT Goldenrod (as I'd thought it was), but I forget what he called it:

... and more of these lovelies, whose name I've also forgotten:

We had a new crafter this weekend - she binds books. And not just any books, or even blank journals, but books she writes! Check out this kid's book:

Cute! Look inside:

She drew the pictures, too! Hand-bound, illustrated children's books! And books for big people, too:

They look down-right professional. She will do well here.

Next I bring you something new from the Rock lady:

Dogs. Sleeping dogs. Not only are they cute, they are one of only three dogs I will show you this week. That's right - only three. Why? First, I'm starting to scare people. Seriously, they think I'm nuts when I come out from behind my table and take pics of their dogs. People have asked me if I don't already have enough pics of their dogs. I need to stop. Really, I do.

So this week, I only took two pics, and all of new dogs. Okay, I took three, but only two of them came out. SORRY, but I'm cutting back.

First up we have Brother of Rockford:

This is the best I could get of him, as he refused to sit still. And when he was sitting still, his head was moving. His eyes are very blue. He's about 2.

I called him Brother of Rockford because one of my Tweeps has a younger version of this breed that we are planning to have compete in the Iditarod. We have the whole trip planned already. He's got the howling part down just fine, as you can see here.

This particular dog, Max, is working on his own howling skills, since we have way more squirrels here than where they just moved from, so he's coming up to speed, much to the enjoyment of the neighbors, I'm sure.

Next we have a 3-mo-old puppy - a Poodle and Japanese Chin mix. Soooooo cute:

That's it for the dog parade, and the market pics. Sales were FAN-TAS-TIC, which made me very happy. Now I need to make a ton of new cards this week to fill in all the gaps! Not a bad thing to have to do! ;)

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Wonderful looking market - and the dogs are QUALITY, so the small quantity is ok. I'll let you get back to your life now. :)

  2. OMC!!! Do yoo think he knows he's missing his woofie brothur!?!? He MUST be reunited! Wure shipping Rockford to you rite away!

    And if we like ANYTHING othur than fancy feest and meat than we'd find the colurful froots and vegetabuls vary nommy. Do yer plants get watured with ginormous hormones cause evarything is BIG!!!! Including yer BIG melons!

  3. HAHA! Cheeto, you sly one, you! No, you may NOT ship woofie here. Like it or not, Rockford lives with YOU!

    And nice comment about the melons. Keep it G-rated, mkay?

  4. Love the sunflowers; I have decided to plant some next year. And I have only recently discovered tomatillos, and I love them too! (Although they are sticky little buggers.) I have started making my own picadillo beef in my slow cooker and it was lacking something til I added the tomatillos. Mmmm...
    I'm still so jealous you have such a great farmer's market. I wish we did...

  5. You and me both Tera. Our farmer's market here sucks big time, and the managers are very crooked. Love the pics and glad you had a great day at the market. And having to replace sold stock is never a bad thing...though it does keep you busy!



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