Tuesday, August 31, 2010

For The Boys

As most stampers know, one of the biggest challenges of our craft is making cards for little boys, or teen boys, or tweens, or men (who are just bigger boys). Most stamp sets that target that segment of our population usually contain bears or trees or fishing poles or tents or golf clubs ... I don't know about you, but my Dad doesn't do any of those things, though he used to golf.

So how do you fill that void in your inventory when people ask for cards for guys? We struggle. We do.

We made a guy-ish Birthday card at this month's Stamp Camps (can't find it now to link you), and last week someone bought them all. ALL. She wished I'd had more, too. See - high demand, low inspiration.

So tonight I made some "guy" cards. First, for the younger set:

I opened and used my OMG I MUST HAVE THIS AND I MUST EXPEDITE IT SO I GET IT IN TWO DAYS Celebrations DSP from SU. Yes, I've had it since July 6th or 7th. This is about as easy as it gets in card-making. First, the colors are selected for me. Second, that paper is so busy, there's not much you can add to it. DONE!

Next up - for the older guys:

This is some retired Parisian Spring DSP (I think - please correct me if I'm wrong), and it tends to the feminine color-wise, and half the designs are flower-y, but these two pieces I declared "manly". I cut them in half, put them on a Kraft base, added a piece of Early Espresso to hide the seam, and stamped the same Happy Birthday sentiment I used above, only in Espresso.

It's okay. It's not froo-froo. There's NO RIBBON! One thing Jennifer McGuire told us was you should never have a floating sentiment ... it should always be anchored, either by a ribbon (see? SEE?!) or an embellishment like a flower or brad. I am a bad student, because this sentiment is floating. Sigh.

I couldn't decide which of those papers I wanted on top, so I decided not to decide, and made another one with the papers switched:

And I like them both! I'll make 12 of these. Or maybe only 6. I might get bored.

When I went to photograph these cards, look who was in the way:

She was meowing and meowing, and when I came out to the Photo Studio, there she sat. Smart cat. As soon as I knelt down to her level, she came after me, which is when I snapped this pic. ;)

Still left to do this week: golf cards (by request), guitar cards (by request), and make the rest of those guy cards. Eh, it'll keep me off the streets.

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  1. Hmmm...I didn't know you were prone to wandering the streets... If making manly cards keeps you safely out of traffic, then so be it! I like them - simple and perfect! I really like your JM class cards, too - well done! (FYI - just because someone famous has an opinion, it's still an opinion, not fact - do you feel better now?)

  2. I do not agree. The sentiment on the lower card is not floating. But I think the stripes should go on the bottom. Because it has more visual weight. But This is just my opinion. ( I am not famous, I just have alot of opinions )

  3. Guy cards are the bane of my existence. Whenever the DH wants one I ask him if they like flowers. You can guess what the answer is. I don't mind the floating sentiments at all - and never really thought of them as floating. I like your cards, floating or not. Take that, Jennifer. Just kidding :-)


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