Saturday, August 28, 2010

Quick Story

I just HAVE to tell you this story, then I'll be back later with some pics from today's market.

I love being an SU Demo and I love my SU customers. I don't think I can say this enough. Even for first-timers at my Stamp Camps, there is an instant camaraderie that just ... happens. People start talking, helping each other, and it just all flows so smoothly.

One of the best parts is my role in bringing all these people together, and letting them take things from there. I've had people realize they live one neighborhood from each other, and they start planning field trips to the LSS, or to stamping conventions. It's all so ... nice.

But the story in particular I'd like to share with you is about weddings. It all started when a new customer - we'll call her S, found me and exclaimed, "OMG YOU ARE TWO STREETS AWAY I AM SOOO COMING TO YOUR CLASSES", and she did! And she still does! Then one Sunday, customer R mentioned she'd gotten engaged and was going to make her own invitations, favors - EVERYTHING, and did anyone have any suggestions on how to get started.

S's eyes got real big, they exchanged contact information, and R pulled off THE BEST wedding EVER!

Next up, customer J announced she's engaged, and ... R steps up to the plate. They live near each other, so they arranged meet-ups and exchanged ideas and samples and links (some from S, customer #1), and then J, with A Plan, borrowed some of my stuff and pulled off THE NEXT BEST wedding EVER! OMG, these ladies ROCK!

Time passes, and one of my new customers, M - you guessed it: is engaged! She asked me directly for assistance, but knowing I don't hold a candle to these other ladies, I put them in contact with each other. Here it is, one week later, and R, J and M are meeting Monday night to get M started on her little adventure.

AND I DID NOTHING except introduce them. They did all the rest. I dunno, it just gives me a warm fuzzy. Maybe even more than one warm fuzzy. These ladies are so sweet and open and ... I just love 'em to pieces.

That's all. I just wanted to share.

I have some stamping to do, then I'll be back with pics from today's market.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. great story...that's what's missing in the world today - friendships, helping each other out

    it's great that you are bringing them together!


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