Sunday, August 29, 2010

Market Update

It was a perfectly GORGEOUS day yesterday, and our little farmers' market was hopping!

Before I leave the house every morning, I open the door to check out the weather, and Kitty gets some fresh air at the same time. It was soooo nice out yesterday that I just let her bask for a while:

But then I had to leave her and do my Saturday market thing. Once I got set up, it was photo time! Most of these were taken before a lot of shoppers got there ... that way I don't get in their way.

First up - maters:

(You can sorta see my card rack over there on the left.) By the way, I'm convinced these maters are strategically placed. I mean, what human being can walk past such yummy goodness and not at least stop and drool a little (hopefully not on the maters)?

Next up - something new and different (Farmer Mike likes to keep us a little off-balance):

These are Winter Wax Asian Melons, and they have a unique feature (as melons go, anyway):

Spiky hairs! These things are pointy, too! Ouch!

Next we have Squash:

Acorn, Butternut and Spaghetti.


... more eggplant:

... and some eggplant of the Asian varieties:

Bell peppers:

... more sweet peppers:

... poblanos:

... jalapenos:

... and our very colorful, yet deadly, hot peppers:

Later in the day I took this artsy-fartsy shot, because I loved this one pepper so:

And dear God, we still have okra:

Killing frost. We need a killing frost.

Next up - basil:

ALL of this sold., and I got to smell it all day long. Mmmmmm.

We had leeks:

... and Farmer Mike had two huge Hibiscus plants:

I don't think I've ever seen one up close and personal like this. Look at these flowers:

He said they only bloom once, for a day, then fall off. But all those other buds are flowers, too, so the plant constantly blooms.

Farmer Margie had some more corn:

... and Farmer Katie had some beans:
... and tons of fruit:

... and cut flowers:

Over in the floral tent, my fave:

.. and then this sunflower:

... and some zinnias:

Here is my arrangement this week:

Oh, and I set up my second card display rack on the table this week:

It REALLY is working out quite well. My cards are much more visible, and from further away! I think it's actually a drawing-in factor! Yay! And don't worry - I did eventually move those flowers away from in front of the display. :)

Next up, to satisfy some people who can't get over my decision to stop taking photos of all the dogs that come through, here is the obligatory dog photo:

He's a Shih Tzu, and belongs to MB and her family. He came to help her break down her tent and stuff. Just look at that sweet face:

He reminds me of my former dogs, which were Lhasa Apsos. I miss my poopers. ;(

Ready for mutant veggies? I arrived to zero mutants waiting for me yesterday, and I had to do this myself. Can you believe those guys didn't take care of it for me? Here we go:

That's it! No more pics.

Today will be a busy day for me. This morning I 'm taking a class given by Jennifer McGuire. I KNOW! She is SO FAMOUS! Then I'll take the long way home so I can photograph the Kettle Corn stand (and buy some to eat, what the heck), and rounding out my day will be the traditional laundry, so I can go to work tomorrow.

Have a good Sunday, and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Aren't those zinnias simply gorgeous? I just love their colors even though they always herald fall.... and seriously I'd never seen "squash" before!

  2. Thank you so much for the dog pic - I think I can rest easy now. I love that colorful pepper - like a pretty autumn leaf! The card racks make you look so professional! (But we know better! Just kidding.)Great market report, as always!

  3. I really do enjoy your market posts. It makes me wish we had something like that around here. Those flowers are beautiful! I can't wait to hear about your class with Jennifer - I'm so jealous! She is awesome.

  4. bring.back.doggie.parade.

    I miss the doggies! Great I have said before your pics are the closet I ever get to a fabulous market experience :)

  5. bring.back.doggie.parade. :-)

    I didn't know Farmer Mike calls them Maters too - thought that was just you!

    Your card racks look fantastic!


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