Saturday, November 26, 2011

The $50 Card

Once again, I found myself lost in the Silhouette Cameo this morning. I saw this card a while ago, but just saw it again and decided I needed to re-produce it. But being averse to all that cutting with a craft knife, I had the idea I could do this in the Silhouette software, then cut them at will. So that's what I did. First, my finished card:

Well, almost finished. There's no sentiment yet. I have until Friday to figure that out.

Easy, peasey, right? WRONG! This card took me 6 HOURS to make, people. SIX HOURS. That's how long it took me to figure out what I was doing wrong in the software. Each time I failed, I learned something else, then went back to apply that. I cut, I cried, I searched for knowledge on the Interwebz, I found knowledge on the Interwebz, I applied that knowledge, I failed again, but I persevered until I GOT IT! I...GOT...IT! FINALLY!

Then I showered, changed the linens, started the wash, and went back in to make the actual card. My first attempt sukketh:

Meh. I intensely dislike it. Then I remembered the Striped Wipe technique and made this using a variation of it:

WAY better! I took a wet wipe, added a few drops of one color re-inker, and schmeared it across a piece of glossy card stock. Then I moved on to the next color. No two backgrounds come out the same, so it's kinda fun. I didn't get the full effect of the look until I placed the die-cut tree over the background. Wow, I really like how it came out!

Here's the second of the two I made:

So door-to-door - 6 hours. Based on my hourly rate I need to sell these for $50 each. Or else I need to sell a squillion of them. Next weekend is my last craft show of the season, so if you are local, please stop by Bauer Drive Community Center and introduce yourself! I'd love to meet one of my local readers! :)

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. OMG!!! Your finished card?! STUNNING!!! This is seriously, without a doubt one of the most GORJUS cards I have ever seen!! WOWOWOOWOWOWOOOWWWWWW!! Absolutely beautiful, Leslie.

    If I actually HAD $50, I'd buy one. ♥

  2. It looks great over that uber cool background! *smile*

  3. They're beautiful! I do hope you saved the design in your library. I have made that mistake more than once. Did you draw the tree yourself? Freehand in the Silhouette software? You are an adventurous soul.

  4. Ah..the time thing - I totally understand. But am blown away impressed by your staying power, I;d have given up and hand cut so your perseverance is to be be hugely admired!


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