Wednesday, November 16, 2011

From The Ashes

One of the partial projects on my desk last week was a stacked image I made into this card:

I got the idea from this post by my bloggy pal Lydia (understandblue), and I liked it so much, I had to play. I used my SU Leaves of a Tree stamp (from the Holiday mini) and stamped it several times in both Lucky Limeade and Island Indigo. I then cut graduated ovals with my Nestabilities and stacked them with Dimensionals between each layer. This is VERY thick.

It was at this point I realized I hadn't trimmed the base layer it was on, and at 3" thick (I'm only slightly exaggerating there), it no longer fit in any of my paper trimmers, so I tossed it onto the top area of my desk and there it languished.

Fast forward a few days or a week and I needed to send a card in a package, and what better excuse to figure out how to salvage this beast. I decided to trim what I could to make it mostly even, and worked with that size like I meant to do that. A few layers, a little corner-rounding, a few die-cuts for the sentiment, a few pearls from the stash to cover the holes on that label die - and there you have it!

In other news, I tagged along with a co-worker and went to a department store at lunch time today. I was desperate to leave the building, and *I* wasn't shopping, so it was okay. (Ordinarily, I'm allergic to shopping). So she was looking for a camisole to wear under those not-for-work V-neck things they make these days (what's up with that, anyway? Is it a plot to sell camisoles? cuz it's working!) and ever on the lookout for grievous grammatical errors, I saw these words on a tag on a camisole:

no panty line promise

Um, say what? They don't promise you won't have a panty line if you wear this? Or do they mean if you wear this you won't have a panty line? If it's the latter, then it should be something like no-pantyline promise. And how would a camisole create a panty line anyway?

See, it's these sorts of distractions that dominate my life. Who else could take a camisole-shopping adventure and turn it into a grammatical pondering session? So yeah, she bought a camisole and I got to wonder what they meant.

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  1. SO gorgeous! Love that stamp, madly and the colours you used are perty. LOL about the pantyline thing.

  2. The many layered image is just too cool! Will have to give that a try. LOL on your shopping adventure!

  3. Beautiful card, Leslie! You crack me up about the panty line thing! :)

  4. broke out into hives at your vivid description of the horrors of standing by attentively watching as another shops.... If you make the card a few layers thicker, you could use it as a festive holiday step-stool! ;>


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