Friday, November 18, 2011

Jingle Belles Rock - Not Christmas

This week's Jingle Belles Rock challenge is to make a card for our friends who do not celebrate Christmas. Well, guess what? I do this ALL THE TIME since *I* don't celebrate Christmas, AND I know several people who celebrate/observe the solstice, so I can do non-Christmas.

I just cranked out four of these babies:

I CASEd this card, but naturally made it my own by changing it up a little bit. Okay, the only thing I changed was where I placed the sentiment. You know I have issues with white space, and this card was so white! And truth be told, it was a way for me to justify purchasing that Memory Box die last night from the LSS when I went to pick up my Tim Holtz Winter inks and, well, Oh, Shiny! Sigh.

But I'm telling you: if you're short on ideas for a card to mass-produce, this is it. Get this die and some white card stock and you're home free. Just put that white layer over any color base and you are done!

Gotta go link up this baby, then head to bed. I have a craft show tomorrow and it is faaaaar away, so I need to get up at the crack of cranky. I'll report back on how it went.

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  1. I do love that little die but I haven't been able to justify the price. Yet. Your card is really pretty...and quick to make. 2 points for Memory Box. I hope your craft fair goes well tomorrow - the crack of cranky, I like it. And I understand exactly what you mean!

  2. Very pretty, Leslie! This is so classy; you should call it classy, quick & easy :)

    Good luck at your craft show!

  3. I do love that die cut ... and it looks so pretty with the soft blue sky ... so very glad you joined us at jingle belles.

  4. Dang, you are the queen of enablers. I had to call my LSS twice this morning (so embarrassing - twice). Up until now I've been able to ignore the Memory Box dies but your card weakened me. LOVE it! I had to laugh at your crack of cranky - I do that every day while the rest of my family are crack of nooners.

  5. Love this! I so love blue and white for Christmas (or non Christmas as the case may be). Lovely. :)

  6. I love the simplicity of this card-it's beautiful!

  7. Wow.... you really could get caught up on holiday/winter cards this way. And beautifully, too. We don't celebrate Christmas either so I usually make "Happy New Year" cards as a way of contributing to the card sharing season. Any winter scene does nicely for that... *smile*

  8. oh holy wow ♥YES♥ what a brilliantly mass-producible card that is also fabulously interesting too!!! i loooove that die, i love the blue background, i loveLOVElove the sparkly edging and i really REALLY love the way you changed up the sentiment, it feels more balanced to me, as well!!! very very cool on all counts missus! ♥

    ps: i'm stealing the phrase "crack of cranky" altho in my case it's sort of the first 15 min of WHENEVER i wake up!!! :)


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