Friday, November 25, 2011

Jingle Belles Rock #48 - FOOD

This was not the card I intended to make for the last Jingle Belles challenge for 2011. However, it is the perfect example of why I have so much advantage over all you neat freaks who put things away after every card! I do not understand this concept, and I couldn't live like that. Half my inspiration comes from all the s-crap laying around on my work table. SERIOUSLY. This card could not have happened if I had put away all this stuff.

First, here's my card:

Second, I'll talk about all the happy accidents, then I shall endeavor to explain how it fits this week's challenge.

I started out by standing at my work desk thinking how I need to maybe clean the growing pile of stamps that I've used for the past week or so, so I can put away all the stamp sets laying around waiting for their brethren and sistren to be cleaned and come back to join them in their respective cases, when I spied the remaining felt stickers from this card I made for the JBR challenge two weeks ago! I had that wreath and several leaves left, and the mental gears started turning.

Then I started to toss the old sketches I've not gotten to in the past two weeks, and one of them made me stop. This one from Clean & Simple:

I envisioned the felt wreath in the center and the leaves for the button elements. But what about that horizontal piece? Remember I mentioned in my earlier post that I'd cut a bunch of JOY tags out of Naturals White? HELLO! Horizontal! And a card was born.

I cut two circles with my Nestabilities as the nest for the felt wreath and stuck it down to the card base. I then put dimensionals under the JOY piece and put it down, and stuck on the branches. Berries, it needed red berries, so I used my Distress Stickles to add them to the wreath and above the branches.

One Christmas card - DONE! But wait! The theme for the Jingle Belles card is holiday food. There was no holiday food on my card. Enter: THE BIRDS! This time of year I think about loading up the bird feeder for the birds that stick around here all Winter, so I decided that berries = bird food, and stamped, colored and fussy-cut the birds (Paper Smooches), then placed them where there was food! The guy on the ground is making quick work of all his buddies' discarded berries!

So there you have it! I totally backed into this one, didn't I? :)

Now go forth and make a card inspired by YOUR holiday food! The Jingle Belles want to see!

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  1. And yet another brilliant creation! Love how your mind works (and thanks for explaining how it works too!)

  2. This is THE cutest card on earth! All those happy accidents ROCK. I am giggling here over the sweet little birds & how fun they are the way you've laid them out with the berries. Heehee. <3 <3 <3 it!

  3. I adore this card!!! Yay for not cleaning up. This is soooooo adorable, L. I love it :)

  4. I love when people take me through their creative process ... and trust me, there is lots of bird feed on the ground at our house (although I think our birds are too picky to eat it unless it's in the feeder) ... fabulous card ... so very glad you joined us at jingle belles in 2011 ... sure hope we'll see you in 2012.

  5. HA!!!! awesome! ok, i confess i DID NOT somehow see the "food connection" until you essplained it, but now that you have, i LOVE IT! (also, i am relieved those sweet little birds didn't turn out to be "cornish game hens" or something like that, lol!!!) :) :) :)

    love everything about this, especially that it was all the bits and bobs (& ideas!) leftover on your worktable! i am all for making something else rather than cleaning up!!!!! ♥♥♥


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