Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Getting There

Good evening! It's been an interesting few days in the Crooked household. Each of the first two days this week I was so traumatized by my homeward commute that I was too stressed to stamp. I mostly whined on Twitter. Today I left the house earlier so I could leave work earlier this evening and things actually weren't so bad on the way home; ergo, I actually have something to show you tonight. :)

I've been playing with my camera, and it seemed the more I learned the worse my photos got. I'm not out of the woods yet, but I have hope! I do!

Here's an example - my "before" pic:

Dark and dreary. Here's a re-take from tonight:

Yes, people, that is the same card, just different camera settings. Here they are side-by-each:

Oh, yeah! THAT'S what I'm talkin' about! I have Lisa (Papergrace Designs) to thank for her patience with me while I stopped being afraid of the Manual settings. I still need a LOT of practice, but I hope to not strain your eyes so much any more.

Here's a card I made last week but because it's all white, I've been unable to take even a half-way in-focus shot of it until now:

It's still a little glaring and "off", but at least you won't go blind looking at it. (Don't look too long, though. I couldn't handle the responsibility.)

Then I made this card tonight:

It's so simple. I used a piece of Basic Grey olivia paper (12x12) that was so busy it really didn't need much added to it. I stamped the sentiment and frame (from the Verve "To The Moon" set) in Memento black and SU Regal Rose, respectively. The piece of lace is from the fabric store.

This card demonstrates there's something to be said for hoarding pretty paper. If you hoard the right paper, life is so much easier. There, I've justified the bulk of the Captain's Quarters. :) I love how that worked out.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Ohhhhhh!!! Your pics turned out just LOVELY!! :D And your cards even lovelier. Your "Sugar and Spice" card is just superb. I absolutely adore it! ♥ The colors on your butterfly "Thoughts of you" card are awesome! Really wonderfully done, Leslie. Yay!! xoxo

  2. Gorgeous cards (fab layouts!)& they look even gorgeous-er with the new settings. (I can't figure out my settings for the life of me. I just use levels in Photoshop.)

  3. Love your cards, especially the western boots one. I know how difficult to take a photo at the moment in different dreary lights!! keeleyxx


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