Friday, November 11, 2011

One For The Road

I made this card earlier this week. It was the result of me dropping a purple remnant onto the Heaplet and it lay (laid, layed, landed) on top of that striped remnant and this card was born:

Now, if I always put everything away before I started something else, cards like this could never happen! :) In honor of my craft show this weekend, I used an irreverent sentiment. ALL the parts-is-parts on the card are remnants, and that ribbon is "cream", which was before SU renamed it to Very Vanilla. I haz ribbon.

I think I also used a virgin die for the purple layer under the sentiment. Oh, yes, I am quite proud of this one. I almost didn't post it, but Lisa made me do it. :) *waves*

As soon as my credit card swiper thingie finishes charging, I'm going to bed. I'll report back later this weekend on how the show goes, and if I find anything funky along the way.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. HAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! I'm so glad I have that kind of impact that I could "make" YOU do anything. I just happen to think that this card is hilarious AND awesome!! FABBY card!! :D

  2. don't you love it when cards just come together like that? Love the sentiment!

  3. oh, and good luck at the show today!

  4. ROFLMBO I was looking at the card thinking "ouuu, it's so pretty and I love the colour combo. Those sweet buttons and it's so classy"... Then I read the "cheeky" sentiment! LOL. I am so going to use that line on my hubby. teehee. Thanks for the morning giggle (and the pretty inspiration. Love those lying on the messy desk colour combos).

  5. LOL ok this was good therapy! I needed a laugh! Super fun card!


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