Monday, November 14, 2011

Jingle Belles Rock - Stickers

This week's Jingle Belles Rock challenge is to use stickers. Stickers - I haz 'em. Having cleared enough space the other night by finishing a bunch of unfinished projects, I went back in to make my Jingle Belles card.

Here she is:

It's a mess. Vellum and I are not friends, and I have no idea why I chose to use it on this card, but there you have it. It started with those green felt stickers. I had some of the embossed music paper still out (of course), but it was so SHINY, the trees didn't work. Oh, now I remember about the vellum: it was to tone down the SHINY and still let the music show through.

I stuck the trees to the vellum, then put glue on the back of the vellum behind the trees and stuck it to the music paper. I thought I was being so smart. We'll come back to that in a moment.

Here's the bottom part of the card, whose details follow:

I pulled out a package of plastic stickers from the stash and used part of one as the bottom horizontal layer. It had music on it - had to be done.

Then I added a piece of Tim Holtz tape (which, in my world, is a sticker) across the middle of the plastic sticker. I have music tape, too, but I thought that might be overdoing it a bit, so I used snowflakes instead.

Then I broke out my new Taylored Expressions Layers of Love II stamp set that coordinates with the Nestabilities Ribbon Tag Trio 3 dies, stamped and cut the tag, but realized any ribbon I'd use would cover up one of my sticker elements. What to do ... what to do. I unstuck the tape and put it through the die-cut tag instead of ribbon, then stuck it back down. I could do this because it's such a good sticker. :)

Then I got a hair-brained idea that the trees were boring, so I filled all the openings with gold Stickles and set it aside to dry overnight.

The next day ... I had warped vellum. Have I mentioned that vellum is not my friend? Sigh. So in an attempt to secure the wavy vellum, I added some MORE stuff to the card to disguise the glue dots I put under the vellum to try hold it down. Now I have three red buttons on the card and the vellum is still wavy. ;(

I layered the whole thing onto a piece of (I think) Cherry Cobbler remnant to make it look like I meant to put those red buttons there. THEN the bottom of the card was boring with no color, so I added some skinny green ribbon so you could still see the tape (sticker).

As my final effort for bonus points, I added a rub-on across the top, which we all know is really a fancy sticker, am I right?!

This card weighs 12 pounds. It could also be sub-titled: not knowing when to stop. But it does have stickers, so I'm calling it my JBR entry for this week. I'm also calling this a one-of-a-kind, as I have no plans to revisit any of this ever again.

I'm off to link this up to the Jingle Belles blog, then I plan to move on. Only two more weeks to go, which means two more holiday cards to make this year! How many holiday cards have YOU made so far? Hmmm? I have a squillion!!! :) Feels soooo good.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Yeah, that Tim Holtz tape is totally a sticker. Your card is terrific! My vellum is soooooo neglected. You inspired me to get it out…maybe…vellum is not my friend either.

  2. Warped vellum ... been there ... but your solution is marvelous ... just stick it in a flat-rate box with a gift and it won't cost any more :) So very glad you joined usa t jingle belles.

  3. i really REALLY didn't notice the warped vellum until you mentioned it. i SWEAR. and even now, i looooove everything else about this card that i'd just call it "textured"!!!!!! but then i'm the wrong person to whom you could ever say the words "too much" and "holiday card" in the same sentence and get more than a blank look. "TOO MUCH" is where i START missus!!!!!!! as you know. :) :) :) so i ♥LOVE♥ this!!! (& yeah stef's right--just put this one IN with something else and you don't have to worry about an envie or postage! so there!) :) :) :)

  4. Yeah, I'm thinking as long as it comes with adhesive of it's own it's a sticker. Looks like you pulled a wonderful card together. The music theme comes through great and I love those trees.


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