Tuesday, November 8, 2011

WOTT & WOYWW 11/8-9/2011

Time for another What's On Tap Tuesday, wherein I reveal the mess that is my crafty desk. Here you go:

Kinda busy, so let's do those numbers again:

1. More stamped ladies from here that still haven't made it to their card bases, somewhere under #12.
2. A post-it-note I used to mask #14.
3. The sentiment stamp I used on #14.
4. Bits of things I ... don't know.
5. A sentiment I took out to use and haven't yet.
6. The bandanna I found a week or two ago. I've moved it from atop the paper trimmer. Baby steps, people, baby steps.
7. Another piece of napkin-ironed-onto-card-stock like here, just not used yet.
8. A stamp I actually used ... on something. I think it's under the post-it in #2. Or in the trash.
9. A failed card I haven't the heart to throw away. I might be able to save it, though it is about 3" thick.
9.5. (look up above 9 & 11) I wanted to show you the handle of my Stamp-A-Ma-Jig is exactly where it was in my last reveal.
10. Ink used in #9 and 11.
11. Two stamped images that I didn't use (stand-by, gotta have stand-by) in #9.
12. My pile of papers from recent and future projects. It groweth. That music paper was used in my Jingle Belles card here.
13. Copics used to color #14.
14. So I was enabled by my bloggy and tweepy pal Libby to purchase some snow globe shaped cards, and I'm still trying to actually use them. One was hacked into a skull shape here, but since we are into the holiday season, I thought I'd try to use them as, I dunno, snow globes? That card-in-progress might make the blog. Might. Oh, and Memory Box has now come out with at least two snow globe DIES! Of course.

So there you have it: my desk. I plan to come back Wednesday morning to link up to WOYWW over in the UK, mostly because it's Wednesday over there now, and all those people need to see the craftastrophe that is my desk, too.

Now don't you feel better about your own crafty space? I thought so.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Productive desk, lovely snowman card. :)

  2. hehehe love the standy-bys. I have tons of stand-bys!

  3. You made my Day!!! I feel so much better now!!! Just kidding, you alwasys have such Fun going on I love to visit.. thanks for the invite to stop by!

  4. I love the way you do your WOYWW with the numbers and the descriptions. It makes the whole thing seem very organized.

  5. I love the numbering lol

    and the lust, might have to nick that technique
    Productive!! like mine lol

    Have fun

    Happy WOYWW Lou #44

  6. I love the numbered key you provide - it really does make a difference to the description!! That tree stamp is really lovely, bet you use that a lot!
    Hugs, LLJ '42 xx

  7. I love the way you've numbered and described - great idea - lots of interest in your workspace (Hazel WOYWW #89) x

  8. Now that's a desk full of fun! I know, every time I see a snow globe card I think of Libby's. Yours looks super sweet. And that #9 failed card looks gorgeous!


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