Sunday, October 21, 2012

Another Goody (More Washi, Sorry)

I am behind. When I run behind, the first thing to go is my Google Reader. I haven't been completely ignoring it, but I think the numbers are higher than they should be for the level of neglect I've shown. So I was trying to figure out why my Google Reader was suddenly so high, and as I scrolled down I noticed I had 11 unread posts on my own blog*. Hmph, well, I have been a busy bee this weekend.

I kept scrolling down and ... WHOA, Nellie! My bloggy pal and one of the Head Jingle Belles - Stef - had 45 unread posts in hers. That woman is a card-making, challenge-following machine, she is! She is also crazy talented, and may be personally responsible for the growing list of challenges I don't do each week. *Hi, Stef!*

So I decided to see what she's been up to, and noted that she has followed even more challenges I don't need to know about. But then I stopped, because I saw another one that screamed washi tape! Who cares that it's 3 weeks old? Pffth. So I dove in.

Here's the old challenge over at Try Stampin' On Tuesday:

See? W A S H I.

I stepped back into The Captain's Quarters, pulled out a bunch of 1/2 sheets of Kraft and Confetti Tan card stock for bases, and selected three tapes. I chose poorly, because this is what I made:

Notice how bright the colors are in the sketch image and how utterly booooring mine are? Yawn. So I went back in, selected a brighter tape, and replaced the grey (gray) piece, giving me this:

A little better, so I decided to call it good, and made a few more with different sentiments. On this next one I put the tape in the other direction (never let it be said I don't live on the edge, here):

I think I like it better going to the right. Stamping is full of difficult decisions like these. *wipes brow*.

Here's another one:

And for this next one, I went totally crazy and used two separate words and put them together on the block to form ... a phrase:

Then, because I could, I made a white one with completely different tapes:

I see that I need to work on using brighter colors when I use Kraft bases. Perhaps next time I'll use paper instead of washi tape. Anyway, that's 7 more cards for OWH, so it's all good. :)

I promise to put away the washi tape now. Really. I'll also try to do a better job reading my pals' blogs within 2 weeks, although it usually results in a wash (heh heh, thought I was going to say something else, huh?) on the numbers: read 3 posts, add 3 challenges, repeat. It's a vicious** cycle.

Thanks for stopping by!

*Why yes, I do have my own blog in my Reader. It was one of the lessons we learned in a "WTH is Google Reader and how can I control it to keep from going stark-raving mad?" webinar. You should follow your own blog so you know what other people see when they read your blog in Reader.

** Yes, I looked it up in the following spellings:
viscious: (not a word)
viscous: of a glutinous nature or consistency; sticky; thick; adhesive.
vicious:  unpleasantly severe. A vicious headache.

Products used but not linked below: Misc Kraft, Confetti Tan and white card stock. Mostly mystery (unlabelled) washi tapes.


  1. Do we need to stage a Washi intervention? Or maybe a Blogs to read intervention?

    I ♥ the white card. I love how the colors pop!

  2. Well that certainly is an easy technique for creating cards! I like 'em all, especially the last one!

  3. Look at your rockin' that sketch ... over and over and over again ... each one it's own awesome design ... sometimes I back my washi tape on strips of white paper before attaching to get a bit more contrast on a krafty background ... very fun cards.

  4. You know, a vicious cycle DEFINITELY sounds better than being caught in a viscous cycle. That is probably what happens in my washing machine. I have boys. That's all you need to know about their laundry...shudder...
    I love all of these! Even your unloved grey one. A good design is a good design, darnit. I may or may not have a soft spot for the pink & aqua :)

  5. You are going to make me jump on the washi tape bandwagon yet. Lucky for me no one sells it locally and I refuse to pay $6 to ship some tape. I have some faux washi from Target that I may use someday, though.

  6. i, too, have trouble with vicious and viscous and yeah i often want to do VISCIOUS for both of them, by which i mean i have a headache that is both unpleasantly severe AND of a glutinous nature. :) :) :)

    but i digress... or rather, i would be digressing if i had started with something appropriate like, "OH WOW I LOVE ALL OF THESE" or "HOLY MOLY YOU GET SO MUCH DONE & IT'S ALL SO FAB" or something similarly true and interesting; as it is, i LED with the vicious viscosity in a way that is not so much a digression but just kinda NUTS. ah well. maybe my next comment will make sense. we can *HOPE* right?! :) :) :)

  7. ps: i HATE that washi tapes don't have the co's name printed inside the reel! what is WRONG with these ppl??!?!?!


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