Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pamela's Bonus Challenge

In my previous post, I mentioned Pamela (Pamela's World of Scrap) has some blog candy I've decided I need, and if I'm going to play, I'm going to do the bonus, too. Her challenge states that after you play the main sketch, you can enter again with one of her older sketches.

I chose Sketch c10:

... and guess what papers were still out on my desk? Yep! So I made this:

No virgin papers were harmed in the making of this card. Nope, I used all remnants. Even that hot-air balloon was carefully trimmed from an already-cut-into piece.

That strip of bright red-orange didn't look right, so I rummaged in my OMG, WHY DID I BUY MORE WASHI TAPE bag from many moons ago and found a very cool roll of Mint Green Chevron. I placed it over the red strip and it toned it down just enough so I loved it.

The corners of the papers are rounded with the 1/8" corner chomper, and the white layer and card base are rounded with the 1/4" chomper.

And now I think I'll go put away those papers. Yeah, I'm kinda done with them for a while. 

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Great card and how clever of you...I did not realize that the horizontal strip wasn't just pretty patterned paper. So smart to add some washi; it looks perfect with the cool colors on the balloon and pop of red. Perfect!

  2. Yep, genius to use the washi to tone it down! Much easier than using vellum which was my previous go-to. Now to remember to do that myself! I've gone a little nutty with these bonus sketches...there's so many good ones in there! Loving the hot air balloon :)

  3. Wow, you've been busy this weekend! No pink in sight either :-) I really like the color combinations, I am still in awe of people like you that can make paper pads work together.

  4. So pretty, love that baloon, and good job not cutting in to new papers! (boy, do I need to do more of that!!)

  5. Haha..."No virgin papers were harmed in the making of this card" that! :) You did another fantastic card! Thanks for playing with me!


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