Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A UFO Card

In my world, I start a lot of cards then get stuck and set them aside. Sometimes they land in the UFO box, and sometimes they sit on my table. Sunday, while getting ready to work on my 20 cards for OWH, I finally said ENOUGH and cleared off the right-hand side of my work space. In the pile were a bunch of long-expired sketches that, while still good sketches, I knew I'd never do them, so I tossed recycled them. Nested in the layers of printed paper were a few UFOs, and one that I decided needed to be saved, like right now. Here is the resulting card, then I'll explain:

I'm fairly certain the washi tape pattern was a sketch I started, then ... stopped. I've since used that yellow tape a lot, so you've seen it before, but these three tapes are a set. Well, they come as a set.

So I stared at that white layer with the washi, then I spied a piece of Caribbean twine laying out, and declared it a match.

Sentiment, it needed a sentiment. This is probably where I got stuck before, but this time I stamped I love you on the left side. Afterwards, I realized I should have left room for some bling in the corner, but, well, no. What you see is what I ended up doing. Not my best work, but it's done and off my table.

Note: All whites are not equal. When you use a piece of remnant white for a layer, good luck finding a matching white card base. This is especially difficult if you're like me and have no brand loyalty yet, so your white remnants are from all over kingdom come. I plan to settle this issue one day, but for now it's a mish-mash, so I opted for a no-stress solution and layered it onto a Pool card base.

And yes, there is a BIG WHITE SECTION up there, but I'm pretending it's not there. I'd appreciate it if you'd do the same.

In other news, Sandy has come and gone, and I suffered not one bit. I had power the whole time, and I think I slept through the biggest winds. The Federal and local governments, all schools, and all public transportation were shut down, so with zero traffic it took me about 10 minutes to get to work. That part was sweet. It's back to normal today, though. I feel for all my East Coast peeps who didn't fare as well. Be safe, and I hope you get back to normal very soon!

Thanks for stopping by!

Products used but not linked below: Twinery Caribbean twine, misc white card stock.  


  1. I love the colours on this!!
    Great card!! ;-)

  2. Gorgeous card! Love the colors and the pattern!

  3. Good save! I like the washi tape and the fact that the one tape matches the card base so well. The twine and the bling are the perfect accents.

  4. purty!!!!!!!!
    i love that SOFT POOL Aqua ink. Stop enabling me!!! :-) No, don't stop.

  5. So glad you made it through OK! We're listening to the winds right now...and the kids are determined to trick-or-treat despite it.
    If only they didn't still need a parent's gonna get wet!
    I like your UFOs, and I totally hear you on the white. I even have brand loyalty, so to speak, but if you leave it in the package or out makes a difference too. Apparently.

  6. Good job clearing a space off! I work in a similar way, goodies set to the side, "just for a second" ha! Love this card and the BIG white space :)


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