Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I ... don't know what came over me. I got my new WPlus9 dies and I just had to play. My Basic Grey Out of Print paper pack was still out (duh), so I made it ... wait for it ... (gah) PINK! I DID! I don't even think it will fit one of the HYCCT challenges past or future, but I still made it. I think I might have been half asleep from the effects of my much-needed massaaaage. Yeah, that's it.

So here's my card:


I die-cut the hope from a pink-ish piece and the heart from a cut-off of the background. It seemed kinda lame (still does, sorta), so I cut it five more times out of some packaging, disappeared the packaging, stacked them up, and voila: dimension. See how thick it is:

And the pink ribbon just seemed right. It might be a bit wide, so I may change it up, but pink is still the right color.

Even though this does not fit a specific challenge, it will still go into my pile of cards to send to the UT MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX. :)

So, have you played any of the HYCCT challenges yet? We're a fun bunch. :) Come play!

Thanks for stopping by!

Items used but not listed below: SU pink satin ribbon, GinaK white card stock.


  1. you made your own thickers! love it :)

  2. Piiiiink! I love it. Actually thought the heart was cut out since it matches the background, very cool.

  3. Mmm, post-massage brain is the best brain -- even if it does lead to pink!

    My gracious but that background paper is beautiful, though.

  4. "pink is still the right color. "

    I hear crickets chirping.
    And the earth is tilting.
    AND I think there are 4 horses sitting out on my lawn...

    I think you might still be sick ;)

    I love this card - that fabulous HOPE stack, and Out Of Print pink is a pink I quite like :)

  5. Very pretty, L, with the perfect amount of GAH!

  6. That's very pretty. Sometimes pink just cannot be avoided. I love the DIY Thickers, too, and I am jealous about your very neat knot on the ribbon.

  7. love the card! perfectly pink to me! I also love hte heart-as-middle-of-o... and the paper too. must look into acquiring..

  8. A perfectly lovely card :) I love the chip sentiment. Hope you're feeling better!

  9. Pink is not my usual color either, so I undestand you! But this card is lovely! Just the right amount of pink. I love how thick you made the die cut!


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