Thursday, October 11, 2012


Well, that's a cryptic title, eh? The Hope You Can Cling To challenge for 10/08 over on Splitcoast is to use elements for each of the letters in HYCCT. I had several false starts, but yesterday morning it all came together in my head, and last night I made this:

I love that house. It's a little wonky, like me. I'll bet you could Dr Seuss it up if you were so inclined. :) I just colored mine yellow and added grey doors and windows.

The tree is actually a cloud stamp. I didn't make that up - I got the idea from Lisa Spangler on this post where she used a speech bubble as a tree. Speech bubble ... cloud ... it was an easy substitution.

To get the colors for the tree, I smooshed three colors of Distress ink onto my craft mat, spritzed it with water, then picked up the color with a piece of water color paper. I dried it with my heat tool, stamped the cloud image, then cut it out.

For the challenge, my elements for the letters are:

H - House, heart
Y - Yellow
C - Clouds
C - Cat
T - Tree

Perhaps Thanks wasn't the best choice for a sentiment, but it fit. Sometimes these are tough decisions we need to make. Oh, and if you couldn't tell, I drew in the front walk, and also the grass.

In other news, Blogger is possessed. I don't know about the rest of you, but when I inserted a photo last night, Blogger added an additional 'div' to the photo's HTML that made it move if you hovered over it. It would add a copy of that extra div to the top of my post so hovering over the text made it reformat and shift. If I took out that extra div, the photo changed to a teeny tiny version of its former self.

This morning, it's not adding that additional div, but the photos are still teeny tiny. It previews fine, but Compose mode is troubling. Even the Inlinkz at the bottom is just a bunch of blips, but they look alright in preview mode. I think it has something to do with switching between Compose and HTML. I sure hope Blogger gets its act together. Have any of you experienced the same, or similar, thing with Blogger?

Okay, I'm done. Thanks for stopping by!

Items not included below: SU watercolor paper, A*Muse Studio cloud dies, SU Certainly Celery card stock, Bazzill white card stock.


  1. Cute card - love the cloud tree. Must not start thinking of ways to participate in this challenge.

  2. I love the card and I saw Lisa's use of the cloud as a tree, too. Brilliant! I guess Blogger has righted itself because everything looks fine to me. Have you ever used Windows Live Writer to compose your posts? I use it instead of the Blogger interface and I like it.

  3. Cute card, L! I love the faux dry embossed clouds :)

  4. I've not had that problem with Blogger, but I don't ever use the HTML option. Hopefully it rights itself.
    I love that wonky house :) And the orange tree!

  5. Vice versa, I've not had that problem, but I never leave HTML mode. I've switched to compose mode once or twice, and then when I come back to HTML mode Blogger has inserted all sorts of things and messed up my formatting! Grr. So now I never switch.

  6. this is so frigging adorable, I want to squeal. Yes, squeal. I LOVE IT.

    the little house, the teensy cat, everything. LOVE


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