Thursday, October 25, 2012

Washi Friend

Our lovely coordinators over at OWH have asked for "Friend" cards. I can do that. I find if I have some direction, it's easier for me to make a card for a certain occasion. Sometimes, not always. But I took this opportunity to play with washi tape knowing I needed a Friend sentiment. Easy peasy.

Unless you're me, of course. Oh, the washi part was fine; it's the stamping part - specifically straight stamping - that stumped this chump. I made four beautiful card fronts last night, then stamped all four of them crooked. Okay, I was using a rubber stamp instead of a clear one, so I must just be spoiled. Yeah, so it's not my fault. Sigh.

Tonight I decided to make four more card fronts, but this time I'd employ the Stamp-A-Ma-Jig. It's amazing how that works, isn't it? ;/

Here is one of the four SAMJ'd cards:

Nice, huh? I love that color combination.

Now, about the first four card fronts... I needed to save them, so I went into SYFY (Save Yourself From Yourself) mode and decided I could cover up the sentiments with another panel. And I did:

I stamped the sentiment again on some of the same paper, then die-cut it using my Labels 4 Nestabilities. I edged the label with my black Memento marker, but it was still boring, so I die-cut some thick card stock (or thin chipboard, or part of a box, or whatever that stuff was) and put two pieces behind each white die-cut sentiment to give it some dimension:

I did not bother to go back and color the edges. I know I could have just put it up on dimensional adhesive and not bothered with the additional die-cut pieces, but that would have exposed my mis-stamp, so the cover-up was a better option here.

The other cool thing about this is I got to overlap the sentiment over the top piece of washi tape, and also have it stick out over the edge of the panel:

Oh, look, it's crooked. ;/

Since I saved the first four cards, I now have eight more cards for OWH. WIN!

Okay, I may or may not have received a few new items in the mail today, so I'm going to go play. :)

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  1. It never fails. You make a card, you look at it and think all is well. You take a picture and go to blog it and realize you adhered something crooked or stamped something wonky. Love your fixes. :)

  2. great card - love how you can combine different patterned washi tapes :)

  3. SYFY...that's a great way to phrase it :) Most of my cards have such an element on them somewhere!
    I love that circle-patterned washi - the colours are awesome!

  4. At least the washi tape went on straight -- even in the closeup shot the distance between the tapes is impressively uniform!

  5. hee hee, half the battle is knowing how to hide the oopsies! Nice CAS cards :-)


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