Thursday, October 4, 2012

More Christmas Cards

Today I introduced my pal Bunny to heat embossing. I was sure she'd like it, and she did! Here is the card she made:

 That's all one stamp, so it was pretty easy. She stamped it in Ranger Distress Black Soot and clear-embossed it. After she added the layer, she wound some twine around it, then put it on a white base. Then she went back in to color the bows with glitter gel pens. It's so easy and fun!

Here's the one I made along with her:

 I used a blue layer and ribbon on mine. Also, I usually use a pale blue Copic to color the window panes, but I didn't bring any on this trip, so I tried coloring my light blue marker (the name escapes me at the moment) onto an acrylic block, then used a blender pen to color the panes. Bunny opted to skip this step. :D

Well, my part of Girls' Week is coming to an end, and I'm headed home this afternoon. But it was a great trip, and I'm all relaxed and everything. Amazing. I'll be back tomorrow with a few more cards.

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  1. Well, aren't these cards just " the cat's meow?" Heat embossing is one of my go to techniques.

  2. Hooray for Bunny and her wonderful teacher. Terrific cards, Ladies :)

  3. That is an AWESOME stamp.

    Often my cats pretend to adore me, rather than ignoring me. This is one of the many ways they express that something is imperfect in the world, and they expect me to fix it.

  4. Beautiful cards — what a great stamp. I have two friends who have multiple cats and this image would be perfect for their Christmas cards. Who makes this stamp?

  5. Oh, how I love your collection of irreverent rubber!

  6. Ohhh cute kitty cards! Both yours and Bunny's are adorable!

  7. I heart that stamp.

  8. I have got to get that stamp, I love these cards. But I should look in my Christmas stash first, I may already have it!


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