Saturday, May 11, 2013

Holy Cats, Batman

I'm been busy, busy, busy, but I have nothing to show for it yet. Well, I have a HUGE pile of stuff to recycle,  so all is not lost.

In other news, The Bloggess posted a link to a site that changes your font to CATS!  Just look:
ETA: Those pesky boxes aren't there in compose mode on my blog. Boo. It's still fun to play with, though. :)

(Translation: I'm typing in cats.)

Let's try another one:


(Translation: I need a hobby.)

Oh, wait, I HAVE a hobby. And I'm sorry if I've provided you with another time suk.

Thanks for stopping by!


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PS: I've had to disable Anonymous comments, because the spammers were killing me. If you are unable to comment, please email me your comment and I'll get it posted for you. Sorry. (stoopid spammers)