Saturday, May 25, 2013

I'm Exhausted

I was distracted AGAIN by another fabulous sketch I found along the way at the OWH Memorial Weekend Blog Hop. At this rate it will take me until Monday to finish visiting all the blogs, but that's okay! It's not every day I look at a sketch and jump out of my seat to go make something right this minute.

This time I was visiting this blog where she used OWH Sketch #74:

which I used two ways. First I made this:

HA! I finally got the Dyan Reaveley set I've wanted. And yes, I centered the circle instead of having it off-center like the sketch. As soon as I started editing this photo, I saw the error of my ways: Horizontal tape and horizontal sentiment. Oops. So I went in for a re-do and made this one:

which is the same sketch just flipped 90 degrees:

Better. I also used a different color Copic for the pearls and they match better in real life than they do in any photo I can take.

I'm working the hop backwards, so people at the end get comments, too. Also, this way I know how many I have left to go, since when I'm on #60, I have 59 left until I get to the beginning. Less thinking on the weekend.

Thanks for stopping by!

Products used but not linked below: misc red washi tape, striped washi tape from a Pick Your Plum moment, blue washi tape I think is from the MME All Is Bright set, Zva pearls.


  1. That's a great card! There you go with the pearls again.

  2. that sentiment? you wrote it, i know you did LOL

  3. LMAO! I love these cards! I know some people I can send these to! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!



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