Friday, May 24, 2013

That's Ombre, Hombre

The other day I saw this post on the Faber-Castell site and I knew I needed to try it. I actually WON two sets of their Gelatos and I was looking for an excuse to use them. This worked.

Here's one of my cards, then I'll explain:

These are the Tropical colors, a set of four. I cut a piece of SU watercolor paper in half, masked the edges with washi tape (I might have a lot of that stuff), applied the Gelatos to the rectangle, then blended with a brush and some water. I worked light color to dark, blending where the colors met, and was careful not to make it too muddy. I went over the blue a few times to make the color more intense, as the water kinda thinned it out too much. Then I set it aside to dry.

Hmmm, I see now the colors are a little splotchy. Well, as Lydia would say, "It's ART!" :)

Here's the one I made the same as the first one, only with the 50s Diner Gelato colors:

I really like this color combination! Still splotchy, though.

For both of these, I stamped the sentiment in Versamark and embossed it with gold embossing powder. I colored wood veneer hearts with a Copic color close to the Gelato color on the far left. In real life, that second background is a green, not gray.

For my next trick, I tried true ombre, using the Blood Orange from the 50s Diner set plus Tangerine, Mango and Lemon. Very fruity. I also used a whole piece of the SU watercolor paper. This is what came out:

Do you notice anything, um, odd about this card? Is that sentiment UPSIDE DOWN?!?! Why yes, yes, it is. GAH! It took me hours to get a background to work the way I wanted it to work, and then after sitting ALL DAY to make sure it was dry, I had to stamp the dumb thing upside down. I even checked it. Maybe not twice, but I did look at it, and STILL. Sigh.

So my dream of having the dark color on the bottom and the stars floating up into the heavens FAILED, and I ended up with this, instead:

I guess in my world the stars fall down.

And you can't tell because of my crack photography skillz, but I colored those stars with my oldoldoldold Gold Leaf Pen. I thought it was all dried up, but no: IT LIVES!

In other news, be sure to stop back here tomorrow for the OWH Memorial Weekend blog hop!!!!!

My post will be live at 3:00 am ET (yes, 3:00 AM) as will all the other 150+ participants. The list of bloggers will be in one post on the OWH Stars and Stamps blog, and it will also be linked from the post in the graphic - YOU WILL FIND IT. Hope you can check it out this weekend!

Thanks for stopping by!

Products used but not linked below: SU watercolor paper; SU gold EP; Gelatos: Tangerine and Mango; washi tape.


  1. I love them all!!
    Even the upside down ombre... ;-)

  2. I could laugh at that if I had never done anything like it. I think it turned out beautifully, in spite of its upsidedown-ness.

  3. man I need those gelatos! Gorgeous pieces. I think the "splotchy" is the watercolor effect, it's awesome!


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