Tuesday, May 21, 2013

New Irreverence, Part Second

While cleaning moving stuff around on my desk tonight, I found two cards with new irreverent sentiments that I forgot to show you. These fell into the "mmm, it needs something" category, so I added something. See:

I added a stoopid bow, and I'm not feeling the love. It might need some enamel dots instead. However, that sentiment rocks, don't you agree?

Here's the other one:

Mmm-hmmmmm. I thought so. What is it about bubble wrap that makes us revert to our childhoods? At a former job one of my cube neighbors had a huge sheet of the stuff hanging on her wall. When you heard the "pop pop pop" you knew she (or someone else - she shared) was having A Moment. I actually had A Moment today, but sans bubble wrap, I was forced to take a short walk instead. I'm sad to report it wasn't nearly as much fun.

I still need to put the new, larger sentiments to ink. They're not put away yet, so eventually it shall happen.

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  1. I agree with you about the bow. It's too small, enamel dots would be better. Love the cards!

  2. A couple days ago I saw a 'bubble wrap run' for a baby to crawl on. Basically taped down the length of a hallway. I want one. I like the bows well enough but I too think enamel dots would be better :)
    (Also: shenanigans? Current favourite word.)

  3. You always make me giggle with your irreverent sentiment cards!


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