Wednesday, May 15, 2013

More Kit Cards

Yesterday I mentioned I might finish up the Taylored Expressions kit I used for my SOS card, and I actually did, mostly. I made 10 cards for OWH. Wanna see a few? Here you go!

First one:

I used as many of the full 6x6 pieces of paper as I could, so I'd make the biggest dent in that kit. I've had it forEVER. The red layer and the ribbon were also from the kit.

See how that yellow paper is all distress-y? I wonder if non-card-makers think it's dirty. Hmmm ...


I got all crazy and used red and orange together. I had enough of that orange card stock to make 8 cards.

Next one:

I desperately wanted to use that last piece of blue ribbon, but it was wrinkled and should have been ironed. HAHAHAHA, omg, I crack myself up. So I used it without ironing it, and it was bad, real bad, so I did what any self-respecting card-maker would do: I disguised it with some strategically-tied twine to make it look like I meant to do that.

The rest of the cards used a different sentiment, and were more little boys-y. Here's one:

There's that distressed edge again. It really is NOT dirty.

And one more:

Airplanes!!!!! :)

Most of that kit is gone now. At least there are no full sheets of anything left. There was even a piece of cream card stock in the kit that I used for the sentiments. All the ribbons are gone except for a piece of cream rick-rack. I think I'll call it a success and move on.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Wow, you are a card making fool, girl! OWH should be very pleased with you for sending such lovely cards.

  2. OMG I bet people really DO think some of those papers are dirty! That never even OCCURRED to me. Although I will say, I have a pad right now with 'water stains' on it that has me freaking out every time I notice them on a different sheet, thinking I've somehow gotten it wet.
    Your ribbon-ironing thought...I actually laughed right out loud at that one ;)

  3. nice work! I never thought about people thinking the cards look dirty. You've tainted me, lol!


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