Sunday, May 19, 2013

New Irreverence, Part First

By now most of you know I'm easily enabled to NEED things. You also know I like some good, healthy irreverence. So imagine my thrill when a friend alerted me to a 40% off sale on irreverence at Joann's. Yep, there were pages of Riley & Co sentiments, and I needed many of them. NEEDED, do you hear me?

So today I am introducing them to ink. I'm also still unpacking from my crafty retreat in early April (*ahem*) and found several sheets of stamped Gossip Gals I did before the stamp decided to come home with me. I also found a package of SU DSP I hadn't cut into yet (and obviously didn't in April, either), so I got to work, and I have 14+ cards in progress.

It's a bit crowded in there now, so I'm showing you what I've finished so far, then I'll be back with Part Second, and maybe Part Third, depending on how things go.

Let's get started! Most of the cards are the same layout; just the words are different. So no, you're not seeing things ... focus on the irreverence. :)


I say this every. single. day.


This one uses a piece of paper from the remnant pile. It also has a button, mostly because I accidentally touched the inked sentiment to the card and it was ruined. I went with Plan B and stamped it onto a thankfully remaining piece and popped it up to make it look like I meant to do that.

And I know people who make crafty things out of corks. They say they collect them from the neighbors, but I dunno ...


Everyone needs a bestie like this, right? I also think this layout needs something else at the top. The jury is still out.


I know a squillion people I could send this to (to whom I could send this) but they're not worth the postage.

And a "normal one" snuck in, just to break things up:

*gasp* I stamped it straight! ;/

Last one from this batch:

This sentiment is not new. It's from the recesses of one of the irreverence drawers, and I stumbled upon it while searching for the "cats have staff" sentiment I used on my last post. In fact, this sentiment describes me pretty well. My son is getting married in late September, and I can tell you I am NOT wearing pantyhose. Long skirts are quite liberating in that respect. :)

Okay, I'm going in for round two of the irreverence bowl. I'll be back later.

Thanks for stopping by!

ETA: I totally forgot: I'm entering these in the current Play Date Cafe challenge.

Products used but not linked below: SU Calypso Coral card stock, SU Calypso Coral ribbon, SU Sent With Love DSP, SU Pool Party twine, misc button, Riley & Co sentiments, Gossip Ladies form Stampers Anonymous, Pantyhose sentiment from Rubber Moon (I got it at the LSS), Echo Park DSP.


  1. Yup.
    You always seem to make me grin.

  2. Some of these sentiments really crack me up, love them!

  3. Very funny! I don't know who I would ever send these to, but I do love to chuckle at them :)

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Irreverent posts are my very favorite. Wonderful cards! I'm off to drink some wine…I need the cork.

  5. I needed a good laugh, thanks! I love every one of these, I'm so glad you enjoy irreverence.

  6. i definitely use crafting as an excuse to drink wine. but then... why do we need excuses to drink wine?
    thanks again for joining in the play date cafe!
    -Rachel w k

  7. OMG! yes, you DID TOO soooooooo totally NEED THESE!!! you are provideing a serious public service to those of us who need to snort coffee thru our noses in the morning!!! love♥LOVE♥love every single card in parts 1&2... tho the one about the tires/testicles and the one about the pantyhose do not actually seem like *JOKES* to me, however they are excellent advice/life mottoes so they can STAY, lol!!!!! :) :) :)

  8. OK, seriously. I love them all. Especially the smartass one. Me too I could mail that to a few folks ;)

  9. Love the vintage stamp you have used. Beautiful and fun card!


  10. LOL! Some of these are really funny! Love how versatile the image is, too! I could see myself sending some of these to my girlfriends - great cards! So glad you could join us for this week's Play Date Cafe Challenge!

  11. So many funny takes on this card... fun! Thank you for coming to play with us at The Cafe this week! :)


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