Tuesday, May 21, 2013

SOS #102 - Tool Shed

Happy Tuesday! it's time for a new challenge over at Shopping Our Stash. This week our theme is What's In Your Tool Shed. We'd like you to go into your stash and find a tool (punch, cutter, piercer, crimper, crop-a-dile, eyelet setter, etc.) that you haven't used in ages, or that you haven't ever used, and use it. Be sure to tell us what it is!

I had grand plans for this challenge. I re-discovered a bottle of Masquepen in my "tools" drawer:

I picked this up several years ago during a trip to the local artist supply store. It's a liquid you squeeze out onto your paper and let it dry. Then you do your techniquey thing and then peel it off. It's a mask (masque), and peels off your paper like rubber cement would - all stretchy and fun. Unfortunately, mine was also very old, and it had separated and become parts-is-parts inside the bottle. The only thing that moved was the clumpy part, and it clogged the nozzle. Speaking of which, check it out:

The lid comes with a built-in needle to keep the tip unclogged. GENIUS, I say, GENIUS! Unfortunately, none of the kneading and shaking helped, so this is now just so much trash.

Plan B was to use my crimper. I blew off the dust and made this:

All the pretty card stock is from a pile of textured card stock I picked up from the "sharing" table at last month's stampy retreat. The table was to collect stuff we no longer wanted, and what was left at the end of the weekend would be donated to the Ronald McDonald House. As any good crafter knows: Free is good, so most of us rummaged and borrowed and used and reclaimed what we wanted. I had left my never-opened Sew Easy stuff, and it was claimed, so I don't feel too badly about taking home this pretty textured card stock. It's a bunch of 6x6 pieces, so they live in The Heaplet now, and thus qualify as remnants.

I am incapable of getting the paper to feed straight in my crimper. It seems to start out straight, but then it goes all wonky. This may also be why I don't use it more often.

You can't see it, but I stamped some tiny circles onto the yellow and red-ish papers using Versamark. To make up for the invisibility, I added washi tape. I think it also helps pull the three colors together.

Okay, now it's YOUR turn. Go into your tool shed and find something you either rarely use, forgot you had, or have never used, then USE IT. Then come link up your project over at Shopping Our Stash so we can see what you've made.

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  1. I had some of that masking liquid once. Mine dried up, too. Your card is wonderful. I love the color combination and the crimped piece. I haven't used my crimper in years - I think I have the wavy one, too. Now if I can just find it.

  2. ooooooooh! masquing liquid sounds cool, tho both you & commenter #1 had the same experience, so perhaps i will wait until they develop a non-clumping formula, lol!

    i'm sorry plan A didn't work, but on the other hand not all THAT sorry b/c plan B is sooooooooooo very totally completley ♥AWESOME♥!!!

  3. HAHAHHAHA! I just threw out 3 bottles of something just last week because it had dried up...*sigh* we are a pair, aren't we Leslie?

    When I saw this challenge I actually thought of my crimper since I just used my eyelet setter yesterday for the first time in AGES.

    Great challenge; time to put on my thinking cap!

  4. Every bottle of glue-type-stuff should come with one of those needles in the cap. That thing is genius.
    "To make up for the invisibility". Man, anyone who just looks at the cards & skips what you've written is missing out. I'm mildly disappointed by the death of the masque, but WOOT for the crimper :)


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