Thursday, April 3, 2014

ABNH: April Sketch

It's the 3rd of the month, which means I'm over at A Blog Named Hero with this month's sketch. Here's one of the cards I made:

I don't know about you, but when I use this stamp set, I feel the need to over-do it with the images. I had just the whale and some waves, but the whole bottom of the card was a big blue space. I needed - NEEDED - to add the grass and little fishies. I did opt to go with a light green, and I colored the fish with a Versamarker so there was no added color, but ... it was all I could do to keep from coloring their tails with something flashy. I ended up adding a strip of patterned paper to scratch that itch.

And that whale? He comes covered with flowers, so maybe it's a she? I didn't want the flowers, so I went through several iterations of attempting to cover them up with small circle punch-outs. Turns out I didn't have enough sizes of small circle punches, and the whale looked all blotchy, so I gave it up.

I finally decided to trace the outline with a marker so I only stamped the part I wanted. I used a pointy cotton swab to clean off the flowers that got a little bit of marker on them, then it stamped beautifully, mostly. There are still a few stray bits of black here and there, but hopefully the other stuff on the card will distract your eye. :) Not that you have only one eye, but ... you know what I mean.

So please stop over at A Blog Named Hero to see what else I've cooked up with this sketch. I also have a surprise guest! Come see!

Thanks for stopping by!

Products used: Tombow adhesive, The Precious (foam adhesive), and the following:


  1. Another fabulous card! I think that this card did indeed need the underwater scene on it! It just makes it that much more better!

  2. What whale doesn't have a few stray hairs? And, besides, it is so much better than the measles or a severe case of whale pimples! In all seriousness, your card is CA-UTE, Leslie, and your bottom feeders and grasses are the perfect touch it needed. Obviously, you have one VERY good eye!! Have a great day!! Hugs, Darnell

  3. I could only have one, you know. Good to cover all bases.

    I'm impressed with how you got the whale to stamp out without her flowers. I mean I get the concept of that and all but for some reason it never works for me and I get a lousy image as a result.

    Cute card! And I think you did right to add a lot of interest to the bottom of the card. There are lots of fabulous things at the bottom of the sea and they need representation.

  4. are ya kiddin'? the underwater scene MAKES this card! but then, i'd be in favor of flashy tails, too. (o'course, i don't have the "had to stop myself" gene, so there's that.) :) :) :) LOVE this fishy ginghamy, oceany card!


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