Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Crafty Projects, Part Fourth

For my next set of crafty projects from this past weekend, I bring you a mass-production of cards for OWH. One of the things I brought with me was a pack of MAMBI* cards that I thought was just plain card stock when I bought it. Since I'd have to cut them to use the fronts and backs as just panels, and that smelled like work, they have languished in my craft pile for a YEAR. I finally used most of it this past weekend.

I first cut all the cards into two pieces I could use as layers, then cranked out a bunch of these:

Then I switched sentiments and made several of these:

I got all crazy and swapped the papers here:

(I like to live on the wild side.)

Then I made some of these:

 and some of these:

I was short on the solid papers, so I just put a small piece at each end to conserve paper. No need to have a 5"-long strip behind that chevron paper, right? It really stretched my supply!

I still have some of the papers left, so I'll make some more once I unpack. HA! (unpack)

Then I discovered some old SU card kits I'd packed, and I made some of these:

The medallions are embossed and very textural. The kit came with labels, but I must have used them for something else, so I stamped the sentiment right onto the card front. How bold of me.

The next batch was from an unopened kit, so it had the labels and I used them:

I also had an SU kit that had really REALLY nice weight cards, like letter press weight and texture. I no longer have the stamp that was sold as a companion with the kit, but I managed to find a Hero Arts stamp that fit:

I thought I was being so clever in stamping the sentiment in Delicata Gold (truth be told, I wanted to touch the Delicata again - so yummy!), but it looked not so good, so I switched to dark brown for the rest of them:

The pack of cards also had a yellow version with an oval space for the sentiment, and I made it fit:

I am so happy I disappeared so much card stock! And all these cards will go to OWH, so BONUS!!!

I'll be back in a bit with some more of my weekend projects. Thanks for stopping by!

*MAMBI = Me And My Big Ideas

Products used: SU card kits, MAMBI 24 cardstock cards, and the following:


  1. OWH is lucky to have you as one of their card makers - these are gorgeous.

  2. I'm so impressed with how you can just sit down and rampage through a pack of paper and make it disappear. Mostly I'm okay with the using it up part, it is the sitting down and doing it that grinds me to a halt. I love your bold graphic cards and so wild of you to switch it up like that. So thrilling! ;-)


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