Saturday, April 12, 2014

Crafty Projects, Part Eighth

For my next "what I did on my crafty retreat weekend" installment, I bring you the sarcasm segment. I had a lot of fun playing with these.


I put my Riley lady with the Riley sentiment, and I used some papers from my Basic Grey What's Up 6x6 pack.  This one is a full card, but the rest are just card fronts. I got lazy.

Next up, same sentiment but with a Unity lady of attitude:

These are Authentique: Renew papers.

Next, same images with Simple Stories - Vintage Bliss papers:

And lastly:

The Riley lady with a sentiment of unknown origin. Unmounted stamps are tough to source. This one uses Cut & Paste - Flair papers.

In other news, I've actually started to unpack. I might be able to stamp by tomorrow. We'll see.

Thanks for stopping by!

Products used: Riley & Co Wondering Midge and Sarcastic sentiment, Unity Itty Bitty Queen of the Universe, and the following:
Note: I tried out the Inlinkz option to list a product once and link it to multiple stores. We'll see how that works.


  1. I love that saying! Are you a side effect of my medication? I had to work with one of "those" people today. She like to sit and complain about all sorts of fixable things, fixable if she talked to the right person but it isn't drama if you do that. So ever few minutes she'd complain about someone and I'd immediately email that person her complaint. I'm such a buzzkill. She'll be so sad later when she has nothing to complain about (except what a bitch I am). Anyway, fun cards. You know how has good irrelevant sayings? Riley! But you knew that I'm sure.


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