Sunday, April 13, 2014

Crafty Projects, Part Ninth

Will this never end? No, no it may not. I actually did manage to unpack enough to stamp today, but now it's getting dark, so I'll save those cards for next week.

Here's another card front from last weekend's crafty retreat:

I love this frog on a bike from Stampotique, but he needed just the right sentiment. I had brought my vast collection of irreverence with me to share, and I found this sentiment from the now-defunct Custer's Last Stamp. Man, they had the greatest stamps and charms. Sigh.

I colored the frog, then covered him with Glossy Accents so he's all shiny. Then I set him aside to dry, and tried to think what else it needed. It needed a teeny tiny fly, so I practiced drawing one. I finally added it and a messed-up trail of dots. It still works, I think.

Now I see the bike is floating in thin air, so I guess I'll go back and add something to ground him. Double sigh. Why don't I see these things before I've written the whole post?!

I do have some more projects from the crafty retreat (I told you I was productive), but now I'll mix in a few newer projects, too. :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Products used: Stampotique Old Timey Frog, Custer's Last Stamp sentiment (some CLS stamps are available on eBay and in a few stores, but you'll need to search for them), and the following:


  1. I love that little frog and you did a great job on the fly. I also forget to add things until I see the item in a photo, or see mistakes I didn't notice before. I like your watermark on the photo. That's another thing I need to start doing. I get lazy and it's just one too many steps, so it gets left off.

  2. I can't eat what bugs me. That's called cannibalism and is highly frowned on.

    Your froggie is cute and you can tell in the photo that he is shiny which you can't often tell. Just draw a quick freehand line for a landscape and call it good. No need for fancy grounding!


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