Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Miss You

This past Sunday's OWH Sketch intrigued me:

So I went pretty literal and made this:

The papers are, believe it or not, Graphic 45. I always thought Graphic 45 papers were more busy and themed. This is a 6x6 pack of coordinating papers for the Botanical Tea collection. They were given to me - I must look like I need more paper. Pffth. I'll link to both paper packs below, in case you, too, are curious about them.

To make the card, I just took one of the green flowered pieces, layered it onto a solid green, and cut two thin strips of the same green for the lines. I blew the dust off one of my Hero Arts OWH wooden sets and stamped the greeting in black. This was crazy-easy to make, but then the sketch pretty much did the work for me. Have I told you lately how much I love sketches? :)

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  1. I like the paper. Not sure how I feel about the sketch. LOL.

  2. Oh Love that paper - great job with this one. Enjoy the day.

  3. oooooooh! the *LITERAL* take on that sketch is actually brilliant!!! b/c yeah, i'd've been stumped too... but this totally WORKS!!!

  4. Very pretty. The Graphic 45 papers usually have some pretty designs on the back side, I just forget to look.

  5. Of course you look like you need more paper. You look positively paper deprived! That sketch was... well something else. I'm glad you made something with it because I'd just shake my head and be clueless (not an usual state for me). I like your literal interpretation of it. Fabulous paper!


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