Tuesday, April 1, 2014

SOS #145: Faux Sure!

Happy Tuesday, everyone! The new challenge at Shopping Our Stash is Faux Sure, and we'd like you to use a faux technique on your project. If you don't know about faux techniques, check out the Tutorials page over at Splitcoast. Just type faux in the search box and a huge list will appear.  Think of this as an opportunity to use something from your stash and get creative!!!

In my world, I'm constantly re-discovering things I own. The other day I picked up a cutting mat and found an old Faux Postage template stuck to the back of it. I'll bet it's been there for over 10 years. It looks like this:

It's quite old and the blocks I cut were unnaturally narrow for postage stamps*, so I worked with it and eventually made this:

When I say "worked with it", I mean this was like my 4th attempt. Yes, I might be pig-headed enough to stick with it that long.

Here's my process: First, I laid the template over the white panel and taped it down so it wouldn't move. Then I stamped the image into each opening using Archival Black. I put a piece of scratch paper under each opening so I only stamped inside the opening.  Then, with the template still in place, I added some Distress ink using my blending tool. Once I was done, I lifted off the template and had this:

Yes, I put the template back on the cutting mat. :)

The card just looked nekkid, and I still thought the stamps were too skinny*. So, I cut out some rectangles from masking paper so the rectangles were just a bit larger all around than the colored images, then I used my new Mini Blending Tool to add some blue around the block of images:

Ready for the reveal? :)

MUCH better, don't you think? Here's the finished card again:

I really like how it turned out.

But wait, I wasn't done, as I had another idea. I thought it would be cool to try emboss resist with a large image stamped over all the windows, but the acetate was too thick and I couldn't get a good impression. Plan B: Make a template out of masking paper. About an hour later (maybe I exaggerate, or not), I had this:

LOTS of measuring. Yeah, I'm sure there is a template out in blogland for faux postage**, but they are usually for personal use only, and since I sell my cards I can't use them, so I had to make my own***.

Here's the card I made using the template, then I'll explain:

I put the template on a white panel, stamped the image in Versamark over the top two rows, then again on the bottom row.  I embossed with white embossing powder, then used a blending tool to add color. THEN I removed the mask. Unfortunately the mask was destroyed in the process of removal. :(

I wrote in the postage amount on each panel with a multiliner. I chose poorly with the image and had to put the amount in the middle of the middle images. I intensely disliked it, so I covered up the bottom one with a sentiment. I love stamping.

Final verdict? I think I like the first one better, and I did save the rectangle masks in case I ever decide to do this technique again.

So, I think you should play along! Why not dig into the recesses of your noggin and come up with a faux technique, execute it, then link us up at SOS, baby!

Thanks for stopping by!

* I realize now I used to use the Splitcoast printed template, and this acetate mask was made according to the instructions in the tutorial to fit inside the printed images. I told you it had been a long time ...
** Yep, there's a template in the Splitcoast Faux Postage tutorial
*** Each opening on my home-made mask is 1" wide and 1 1/2" long, with 1/8" between them.

Products used: Homemade acetate template, misc washi tape, Martha Stewart Confetti Hearts (or Heart Confetti) punch, Tombow adhesive, A Muse Marigold stamp, cutting mat, and the following:


  1. Both projects are beautifully crafted! I love the composition of the first cards and the sentiment is perfect! Both cards employ a wonderful color palette. Nicely composed and beautifully executed.

  2. WOW!!! Faux postage! Love it! Both cards are fantastic...I agree with Chana, the colours on both are perfect!

  3. are you going to be shocked when i say the big flowers are my fave??!?!?! :) :) :) but really i love BOTH gorgeous cards and as always i'm totally impressed by your stick-to-it-ness AND how very cleanly and neatly you handle elebenty bright colors of ink on a plain white background!!! <3

  4. You just never know what's going to turn up! I think you did a great job with both cards.

  5. I swear I enjoy your commentary at least as much as your creations...mostly because I think we follow a lot of the same processes in our crafting (many bad words muttered, etc). I think I might still have a teeny-tiny postage template kicking around somewhere too, if I cleaned up enough to find anything!
    I really love how these turned out!

  6. These are so incredibly, well, incredible! Way to stay with it (wow, 4 tries. That's dedication. Or crazy) Got to agree with Jessi about your commentary being almost as good as your cards! LOL!

  7. Good for you for keeping at it! I remember the faux postage craze. Yep, I had to try it too. Mine never came out as nice as yours. I do the love the top card a lot. The second one is nice enough but it doesn't send me to the moon. Not enough postage I guess.

  8. Great post!! I should have read your post before I tried this technique today! You did a wonderful job!


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