Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Crafty Projects, Part Fifth

For my next crafty project from this past weekend, I opened and used one of my new-to-me Paper Smooches sets to make this:

I stamped and cut out the tissue box, then spent an inordinate amount of time feeding a small piece of tissue through the slit I cut in it. I love the look, though!

For the rest of the card, all I did was stamp a background onto a piece of Pool paper, put it onto a white base, and stamp the sentiment. Done. Futzing with the tissue was the toughest part.

Short and sweet, what can I say?

In other news, here are two gratuitous photos of Bobra sunning himself today:

Yeah, he's cute and he knows it. :)

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  1. I love the first Bobra photo, it says "WHAT?!?!" as only a cat can. The second photo is Bobra schmoozing for the camera. Great simple card except for not really simple. I can't imagine the patience it took to three the tissue through the little slit.

  2. Hey there, handsome Bobra! It looks like he's enjoying his sunbeam today. Oh, the card is lovely, too ;-)


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