Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A Tower of Giiraffe Cards

I had to look that up. A group of giraffes is called a tower; I have three giraffe cards, and I thought a tower was cooler than a "bunch".

One of my tweeps has a granddaughter who loves giraffes, and I make her cards now and then to send to her granddaughter. I only have one stamp set with a giraffe in it, and it's a bit challenging to make different cards each time. When I was hanging out at an online stamp store recently, just looking for something to get my shopping cart to the "free shipping" level, I spied a stamp set by Avery Elle that had a giraffe, and into my cart it went.

This past weekend I made myself use it. Here is one of the cards I made:

I think he's pretty handsome. I also hope I put the scarf on correctly. This set either doesn't have dies, or I didn't get them, and I fussy-cut that guy out, mane and all.

I actually stamped and cut out two of them, since I know me pretty well, and I have to start over a lot. It's sometimes easier to just make two of everything, then if I don't mess up, I can make two of what I'm making. It's a win-win.  So, since I didn't mess up on the first one, I took the second giraffe and added a mustache for the current Crazy 4 Challenges challenge to put a mustache on something:

I also colored his scarf differently, because I could. I think he's quite dashing.

Then I wondered what would happen if I put a giraffe in a snow globe. Yes, you read that right. You see, many, many moons ago, one of my faithful 3 (maybe 4) blog readers said she wished she could get inside my head and find out how it works. Trust me: you don't want to go there. This is where ideas like a snow globe giraffe develop, and it's a scary place. Just look:

I thought of the snow globe because (1) I was enabled to need it when I saw my pal Windy using it at a crafty event last month. She helpfully read off the item numbers so I could get it right. And (2) the Jingle Belles want us to put a creature on a Christmas card this fortnight, so ... you get a giraffe in a snow globe.

The coordinating sets of stamp and dies has one stamp and a two-part die. The bigger die cuts the whole globe, and the smaller die cuts the center opening where I have the sky. I had this idea to put in micro beads, and I needed to make the layers thick enough to allow me to also add the giraffe. Thus, I cut about 7 extra globes, then used the stamped one as a guide to line up the window part of it. I hope that makes sense. The short story is I needed to line up the cut openings so they layered properly.

After I stacked them all and put in the sky and the giraffe, I added some beads, and most of them even stayed inside the opening. I next added a die-cut piece of acetate, then topped it all with the stamped globe layer.

I colored the base of the globe with a Copic, then went over it with my clear Wink of Stella brush pen. It's quite shiny:

You can even see the pile of micro beads inside the globe.

I'm also entering the snow globe into the current Avery Elle Holiday challenge:

and the Less Is More non-traditional holiday colors challenge to NOT use red or green. Although, I will probably be disqualified from the LIM challenge since this is not a CAS card. In fact, it was fussy as heck, which is the polar opposite of CAS. I'm okay with that.

I think I'm done with the giraffe now, and I've put him away in my critter section. I'm sure he'll come back out soon, but maybe not this holiday season.

Thanks for stopping by!

Stuff I used: SU micro beads, and the following:


  1. Super fun and cool cards Leslie.
    Can't pick a favourite - love them both.
    Great use of the non-traditional colours.
    Thanks so much for sharing and taking part.
    Sarah xx
    Less is More

  2. I can honestly say I've never seen a giraffe in a snowglobe ... but he looks right at home ... so very glad you joined our creature feature at Jingle Belles.

  3. HA! giraffe in a snowglobe??!?!? YES, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! definitely a first for me, but that just makes it better! you've used the perfect stuffs as "accessories" as well... soft blue paper and clouds... perfectly sets the scene!

    as the creator of both monsta xmas and flamingo xmas, i am pleased and proud to be friends with the originator of GIRAFFE xmas, and thrilled to have GX debut during "creature feature" at JINGLE BELLES! :) :) :)

  4. This is the coolest tower of giraffes I've ever seen! I love the mustache, and the snowglobe is too fun!!

  5. Adorable, and I love the snow globe the most! I actually let out a half laugh /snort while reading your idea section and then came to the picture of the giraffe-d snow globe.

  6. What great cards!
    I love that giraffe and he looks great in the snow globe!
    Thanks so much
    "Less is More"

  7. I like to hear your thought process and I think I'd like to be inside your brain... it'd be a lot like the inside of mine but with cooler techniques. The giraffe cards were very nifty. The mustache--what a scream.... and the snowglobe... very fun and interesting. It came out great.

  8. What a fun 'tower' of cards! Snowglobe still has plenty of 'white space' and works fine for LIM to me!
    Sorry to be so late commenting this week, thanks so much for your LIM entry
    Less is More Designer

  9. Oh how CUTE! LOVE your fun little giraffe cards!!! Thanks so much for playing along with Avery Elle AEI{heart}U!



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