Saturday, November 15, 2014

CASEing Jackie

The other day, one of my long-time blog buddies, Jackie, posted this card and I immediately added it to my CASE file. Oh, ha, she even quoted me for her blog title. I'm telling you, we go way back.

So anyway, while I was sorting and labeling my dies a few weeks ago, I ran across my set of MFT dies that Jackie had used on her card. It's an MFT set that is so old it's not even listed anywhere for me to find the set name. I don't think their earlier packaging had the die names on them. If you know the name of the set, please tell me!{Edited: Layered Labels. Thanks, Jackie!]

Here is my feeble attempt to CASE Jackie's cards:

(oh, look, it's crooked)

I chose to use papers from my pack of Echo Park Simple Life, and I only managed two cards before I started getting stabby.  NOW I remember why I have morphed to a more simple card design. All those papers and layers!

While gluing things to myself, I pondered a post title, and thought maybe I'd call it "Throwback Friday" because of all the layers, and the brads I added to the red strip. But then I thought it might be mistaken for a new challenge or something, and I couldn't handle that kind of pressure. It may still happen some day, but today is not that day, and tomorrow isn't looking so good, either.

Oh, right, back to the card. Because my pack of paper has been used a lot, there weren't many choices for paper combinations. What you see here is Plan B, because Plan A was a failure. Jackie used a background circle die which I don't have. HOW can I not own this!?!?  So I needed another way to make the dots. I stuck a piece of the blue paper in my spray box, topped it with a dotted stencil, and sprayed it with Hero Arts white spray. I left it to dry over night, and when I picked it up this afternoon it all came off on my hands. #FAIL

Plan B was to stamp a polka dot stamp on the remaining sheet of blue using white ink. Do you see white dots on that blue paper? No, no you do not. That is because I FORGOT TO STAMP IT!

I had issues cutting the paper on that first card on the diagonal, so it ended up in a portrait orientation, while the second one is landscape:

I'm simply not feeling the love.  I suspect my cache of 6x6 paper packs will outlive me, as I'll probably go back to cards with less paper on them. We'll see.

Thanks for stopping by!

Stuff I used: mystery Layered Labels MFT dies, Karen Foster mini brads, and the following:


  1. I think your cards turned out very well, I love them! Thanks for the CASE :-) The name of the MFT dies is Layered Labels, btw.

  2. I thought you mixed some nice papers together. Just think...the more you glue to your hands, the less you have for card-making. Either way the pile shrinks.


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