Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Great Outdoors

The current Jingle Belles challenge theme is The Great Outdoors, and I had an idea. It happens once in a while.

After much futzing, here's what came out:

I know, I know, the theme is OUTdoors, and this is obviously INdoors, but hear me out. I love looking at snow from the warmth of my couch. I don't actually mind snow, or even driving in it*, but I think the best part of Winter is snow falling OUTdoors when you are INdoors.

So, let's start with the OUTdoor part: the snowy trees. I stamped my SU Lovely As A Tree tree in an Olive ink onto a piece of Kraft card stock. I knew I wanted to put a window over them, so I masked off around the window (actually, a little bit inside of it), then stamped the trees.

Next up: the INdoors. My room needed a floor and some wall decor, so I first made a faux wood floor. I used a pencil and ruler to draw the diagonal lines, then went over them with a brown marker, and drew in some horizontal lines to make it look like wood planks. I didn't bother with a wood grain. I just went over the wood with Antique Linen, then again around the edges with Gathered Twigs.

For the wall I used a piece of paper from a pile of unfinished card parts, cut a hole in the center a bit smaller than the window, stuck it down atop the faux wood floor, then added one of the windows. It fit.

The snow was made using a glaze gel pen. I even remembered to do it before I put on the acetate layer!

I glued on a few more windows, then a piece of acetate cut from some old packaging, and topped it with the final window.

Trim. The floor needed a piece of trim, so I colored a trip of card stock with Gathered Twigs, trimmed it (I crack myself up), and glued it down. I managed to schmear some brown onto the green paper, so I thought I'd add a cat toy to cover it up. In hindsight, I could have added some car hair along the floor, thus adding a bit of realism to the piece, and getting it off of my floor, but nooooo, I didn't do that.

Instead, I took a piece of the thickest twine I could find (#FAIL), rolled it up a bit, and glued it over the smudge. It took almost as long to wrestle that piece of twine into submission as it did to make the rest of the card. I might exaggerate. Maybe.

Because of the wood floor, I added a layer of white before mounting the thing to a Kraft card base. I used a piece of Neenah Solar White Linen because it's a bit lighter than regular Neenah Solar, but this card still weights about 4.7 pounds.

For my final act, I glued the kitty's butt to the window and put a glue dot under his head so he sticks to the acetate. The end.

I will only ever make one of these cards, and I hope The Belles won't disqualify me since it's an INdoor card looking OUTdoors. That's also an indoor cat looking out, for what it's worth.

Thanks for stopping by!

* I grew up in SW Ohio, and I've also lived in MI and the Chicago suburbs, so I don't mind snow. In fact, I love it! I don't even mind driving in the stuff. Well, except for the 28 years I lived in the DC area. Those people are scary. 

Stuff I used: SU Crumb Cake/Kraft card stock (they're mixed up in my collection, so I'm never sure which one I get), SU Lovely As A Tree stamp set, mystery green patterned paper, and the following:


  1. Very pretty!! Love the kitty looking at the snow!

  2. It's beautiful, but after reading what it took to make it I can see why there will be only one. It did turn out really nice, though. Maybe if you forego the floor next time, it won't be so fiddly. I love snow, too, but NOT driving in it. The people here are crazy, too.

  3. You set a pretty scene on this card. I had to laugh about the snow info. Here in NC, we panic when it snows. I just stay home.

  4. Omg your scene is perfect!! I love the hardwood floor and wallpaper!! My favorite part is watching from inside too but I hate driving in it!

  5. Well now I know why my window, window ledge, and window shutters are still all virginal in my stash...never been out to play...and I have had them at least 3 years.

    Your card is fantastic well worth (at least for the viewers) the time and effort. LOVE IT!

  6. The cat toy cover-up is oh so clever ... and I love your trim board ... I like watching the snow through the windows too ... so glad you joined us in the great outdoors at Jingle Belles.

  7. definitely DEFINITELY not disqualified, in fact, i think you should get a special distinction for MOST SENSIBLE outdoor holiday scene... as glimpsed from the INTERIOR of a warm cozy house!!! extra bonus points for the perfect cat toy, tho i agree cat HAIR would've been even cooler!!! :) :) :)

    as always, we JINGLE BELLES are pleased and proud to count you in our number, you make the comments process sooooo much more FUN! ♥♥♥

    (re snow: i'd go one step further and say the BEST way to experience it is ON A CARD one looks at whilst sitting outdoors in... ohhhhh... let's say florida or the bahamas or somewhere realllllly warm but with low heating bills, lol!) :)


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