Wednesday, November 19, 2014

CASEing Lauren

When I saw my pal Lauren's card for the current Shopping Our Stash challenge, and then I saw her post with instructions, I was sold. This was a card that needed to be CASEd, so I did.

Here's my card, then I'll explain:

According to Lauren's instructions, I was to use patterned paper, not card stock, since the paper takes better to the folding and layering, and the card won't weigh as much. However, in my world I don't have paper, I only (well, mostly) have 6x6 paper packs that are card stock weight papers, so strike one.

Then I got a clue: What if I didn't bother with all that folding? What if I just cut the card stock pieces into triangles and layered those? So that's what I did. I took out my mostly gone pack of Memory Box Brioche papers (I may or may not have another unopened pack), and out fell a whole bunch of remnants. Since one of the benefits of paper packs is that the papers are matchy-matchy, I selected a few that could pass as "rainbow", and started cutting them into squares, which I then cut diagonally to make triangles.

I did follow one of the suggestions, which was to put a strip of paper along the bottom to hide any gaps. That was brilliant, and it worked perfectly.

I started at the bottom with blues, and worked my way up to red. It went pretty fast, really, and I love the look!

I trimmed the panel down, matted it on black, and put it on a white card base.

Also copying Lauren, I took out my box of All Things Thickers and Letters and found an old Basic Grey chipboard set, but they were dark blue, not black. NO PROBLEM! I grabbed my lonely black Big Brush pen and colored those babies and now they are black.

I still had a pile of triangles left, so I made another one:

This one is pretty much the same as the first, except for the placement of the sentiment panel, which covers an unfortunately crooked triangle. It also emphasizes the spot where I should have put another red piece. Hmmm, I wonder if I can fix that...

ANYway, I might be in love with this idea. My pack of Brioche papers is now pleasantly thin, as all the remnants were cut and trimmings discarded. How stinkin' efficient!

Thanks for stopping by!

Stuff I used: some old-old-old Basic Grey chipboard letters, SU Basic Black card stock, and the following:


  1. OMG!!! ok, i love the cards, i love that you CASEd me (so honored, missus!♥♥♥) and i really REALLLLY love that you used flat triangles b/c that was my biggest question whilst folding (& folding and FOLDING) for my cards: "wouldn't i get a similar effect just from layering shapes?" and the answer is, "ummm... YEAH!!!" plus you've got a nice flat card that weighs under an ounce! i also love that you used scraps that are all from the same collection... definitely a fabulous way to get things that coordinate with perfection. holy wow, i ♥LOVE♥ these! i wonder if maud vantours will be excited to find she's sparked a cardmaking revolution! :) :) :)

  2. Wow! That's a LOT of triangles. Those are gorgeous and it's nice that they are much flatter and easier to mail, too.

  3. They're BOTH fantastic!!! It worked just fine not folding the paper too. That's a cool technique that makes wonderful cards.

  4. Oh I love these...I might have to get on the casing bandwagon. I'll have to pin this so I remember after all my Christmas cards are done. Thanks heaps!

  5. Love both of these cards! Great idea for using scraps of a 6x6 collection. TFS

  6. Flat triangles, yes!! I'm with you on the type of papers I've got. Perhaps I will give this a whirl too - these rock :)


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