Saturday, November 8, 2014

Easy Threesie

Today was the day my pile of printed-but-not-yet-done challenges reached critical mass, and I was forced to purge the bottom few layers. In the process I found a few die-cut words from a crafty play date that occurred several months ago (I told you it gets bad), and I decided to use them instead of sticking them in the UFO pile. Three die-cut words = three cards. Here's the first one:

I went through my boxes of 6x6 paper packs, looking for one that had black in it. I ended up using the Authentique Collection: Renew. I took three pieces of paper and cut each one down to 4 x 5 1/4", then cut 1 1/4" off the bottom and flipped it over. Gotta love double-sided paper!

Here's the second card:

Oh, look, the sentiment was put on crooked. ;/ I wonder who did that.

I cut three pieces of black card stock to 4 1/8 x 5 3/8", and put the patterned paper on. Then I used some Multi Medium to attach the sentiment strips.

Here's the third card:

This one is a bit busier than the first two, but I think it still works. Oh, and my last act was putting the black panels onto white card bases. The end.

I feel a little guilty when I don't actually stamp on a card, but I still like these. And not only did I use the re-discovered die-cut sentiments, I also used three more pieces of the Authentique paper. I might even finish that pack in my lifetime. Could happen.

Thanks for stopping by!

Stuff I used: SU Basic Black, and the following:


  1. Well done getting cards and a bit of your pile reduced. If you are around there is an HA Scramble at 2 pm eastern today 11-8.

  2. I love cards with no stamping. It gets easier to do that with every new release from some company or another. Your cards turned out very well, but Bobra isn't very good at getting things straight sometimes ;-) Silly kitty.

  3. i love all 3 of these but guess which one is my favorite...?! :) :) :) i also think i might've just enabled myself into those cool sentiment dies...

  4. I'm with you about the feels like it is cheating if there isn't stamping thing.... but these are great cards. Quick and easy. I like that you thought to just cut off a piece and flip it over... don't laugh but I'm not sure my brain could have made that jump. I probably would have cut another piece to use on the bottom.


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