Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Circle Thanks

In my continuing quest to use my new stuff, I managed to make three cards the other day using one of my new dies. Here's one of the cards, then I'll explain:

I began by die-cutting the circles die from white card stock, four times because I wanted four panels. Then I cut it four more times, once each from four different pieces of double-sided patterned paper. This gave me several things:

-- 4 white panels with gaping holes
-- a pile of 4 white circle outlines
-- a pile of 4 patterned paper circle outlines
-- a pile of a bazillion circles of varying sizes and colors

First, I cut a piece of printer paper into fourths, covered each with adhesive, and stuck each of them to the back of a white gaping hole panel. This closed off the hole and gave me a place to stick things. All good card makers need places to stick things. This is getting out of control, so I'll stop now.

Here's another card:

I took one of the patterned paper circle outlines and fit it onto one of the white panels, then repeated this with the remaining three colored circle outlines.

Next, I sorted all the circles by size and began the process of filling in the open circles. I opted to include a few of the white circles, partly because they looked lonely, and partly because I ran out of good patterns to put next to each other and I used the white to break it up a little.

Here's the third card:

When I was done filling in the circles, I put the panels aside and worked on the sentiments. I chose the thanks for its simplicity, and stamped it on a banner cut with one of the MFT Fishtail dies, then mounted it with foam tape. I put the whole panel onto a Hero Arts yellow card stock base.

There was a fourth card, but it adhered badly to the piece of printer paper, and has an odd warp to it, so I haven't used it yet. It's officially a UFO now.

I like all three of these -- the same parts-is-parts, but very different looks based on the color of the outline:

(Please click to embiggen.)

Oh, and that middle one has a more centered sentiment, as it hides an unfortunate schmear. ;/

Believe it or not, another small order of new stuff has arrived, and I must see if I can initiate any of its contents. Some day I hope to catch up.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Oh, Leslie. I enjoy reading your posts as much as looking at the pretty pictures. Your cards are fabulous and your sense of humor is even better.

  2. I do like that higher sentiment just wee touch more!

  3. I love it! I loved the description of what happens after you run that die through on white paper and patterned paper and... well, I managed to keep of that all. I love the resulting cards you ended up with. What a great way to get a bunch of coordinating cards.


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