Sunday, February 1, 2015

Crooked Stamper Sketch Challenge #1

Hello, readers! It's time for my big reveal. :)

By now most of my regular readers know I love a good sketch challenge. I thought maybe this year I'd take another step and try hosting my own, and I've made up a really unique name for it: Crooked Stamper Sketch Challenge (CSSC). I KNOW, right?

Here's how it's going to work:
  • I'll take one of my own cards (one that wasn't used to enter a sketch challenge) to use as the sketch.
  • If I can't find a card I think will work, I'll use one I find online, with permission, of course. 
  • If you have made a card you think will work, please email me! If I use it, you'll get a shout-out, and a guest gig!
  • If the sketch lends itself to flipping and flopping, I may make a few different cards using the same sketch. I love to mix it up.
  • The challenges will post on the 1st of each month, and run for 21 days.
  • The winners will be announced by the 28th of each month. We'll take a few days off  at the end of each month. You could clean off your desk. Well, YOU could; I won't.
  • There will be PRIZES! I plan to give away all my duplicate products. When I run out of those, I'll start giving away other stuff. Some of the stuff is actually pretty nice.
  • Winners will not be random. I'll pick the one I like the best, plus two runners-up.
  • There will be bragging rights. I'll have winner badges for you to add to your collection.
  • There will be limits! You can enter up to 3 times, with a maximum of 3 challenges per entry, including this one. 
  • You may take some liberties with the sketch, but the sketch must be recognizable. 
  • Feel free to grab my challenge badge from the right side bar.
  • These rules will live on their own tab up above for future reference. 
Now, let's get started!

For my first sketch, I've chosen this card:

which I've translated into this sketch:

Please appreciate the fabby graphic background Miss Lauren has created. I love Mr Bobra up in the left corner. tee hee

I've made a few new versions, and here's the first one:

I didn't use a frame around the center inked image, but that's okay. It still follows the sketch:

Here's another version with the same inking technique, but I trimmed the top and bottom of the white panel, too:

I actually made this one first, and I used water color paper because I'd originally thought I'd water color that rectangle, but changed my mind. I'd already masked the paper with painters tape, even. Instead of water color, I took a Brilliance ink pad and swiped it down the open area a few times, top to bottom and bottom to top, until I got good coverage. Then I dried it. They're both shiny:

Okay, you'll have to believe me.

I also made a more-is-more version:

The main take-away from this version is the rectangle sketch element doesn't have to be a rectangle. It still follows the sketch:

Since I'd slaved over the background, I thought I'd go ahead and share my process. :)  First, I die-cut an oval out of masking paper, and put it on the white panel, then I distressed the panel with three Distress inks: Picked Raspberry, Salty Ocean, and Peacock Feathers:

I then applied a layer of translucent embossing paste through a stencil:

When I removed the stencil, I had this:

When I peeled off the mask, I did a poor job, so while the paste was drying, I stamped the sentiment on a separate piece of white card stock, die-cut it, and when the paste was dry, I placed the oval over the masked area. I think this was easier anyway, since I'd worked so hard on the base, and this way I wouldn't stamp the sentiment crooked. ;/

So, what's up for grabs this month? I may or may not have multiples of some Simon Says Stamp inks, and the winner this month will get to pick two of my over-stocks! Wheee! :)

Wanna play along? Please do, and link up below!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Ooooh, I might have to dust off the card making skills to do this. I like the 21 day window. Congrats to you!

  2. So exciting! I love sketches but usually don't have time to play. I will put this on my to do list. Great sketch!

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  4. Great news, sketches are my favorite challenge type. Love seeing Bobra on the challenge graphic. How fun Leslie. Count me in!

  5. Wow! You put a lot of prep into your first challenge post. Have fun with this new endeavor.

  6. Ohhhhhhhh super cool!!! Congrats on your new endeavour! Looking forward to playing along!

  7. How fun! I'll ba playing along for sure. Great idea.

  8. Surprise is right! You had this up your sleeve and didn't hint AT ALL!!! You clever girl! I'm so playing along!!!

  9. OH SHUT UP THIS IS AWESOME! Got it already to print out and everything :)

  10. I'm feeling pressure!!!!! PRESSURE! I tell ya! Well, then fabulous cards. I'd put on my thinking cap but I'm too lazy to do even that. I already have an idea up my sleeve. If I can fish it out from under my flabby upper arm, all will be well.

  11. Love that you're doing a challenge! Bravo!!!

  12. I swear I hate google. or are you moderating comments?

  13. hmmmm......I guess I messed up. Anyway. I might have to dust off the blog and play along. 21 days is a generous amount of time. Congrats on starting this new adventure. I know it will be a hit !
    oh .....and can I donate a few prizes???? I haz to much stuff.

  14. woohoooooooo! you've officially got a CHALLENGE!!! can't wait to play with that sketch! brb! :) (ok, the "r" needs to be flexible, but i'll be back before the 21st, k?!) :) :) :)

  15. This looks like fun! I'm your newest follower! Hoping to play along with you! I like your sketch and your gorgeous sample cards!

  16. Your badge has a cat! It's going directly onto my blog right now! Did I mention I love cats!!!!!

  17. Congrats on the launch of your new sketch challenge! I love all the sample cards you've made - especially that knock-me-out beautiful background card!! Thanks for the inspiration and good luck!!

  18. Thank you for a great new challenge! This was alot of fun and am looking forward to the next one. :)

  19. Well it seems I have gotten lazy(er). I have no intention of blowing the dust off my blog afterall. I enjoy doing nothing at all except for digging my toes in the sand. But I will send you some prizes when I get home.....whenever that is.....maybe mid March/April- ish.

  20. Way to go, Leslie! Great first sketch. :)

  21. How could I have almost missed this ... I'll have to make sure I join the fun this weekend.

  22. woohoo! my card is finally done & posted!!! :)

  23. I just linked up my third card! Thank you, Leslie! Hope I was allowed to make the card landscape instead of portrait and I used a heart in the centre instead of a rectangle just to mix it up a bit. If this doesn't meet your guidelines, please let me know and I'll delete it and head back to the drawing board!

    I really enjoyed your sketch and hope to play along in each challenge - it's great inspiration! Have a wonderful weekend!

  24. How wonderful that you have started your own sketch challenge, Leslie! I'm delighted to join in and spread the word!! Hugs, Darnell

  25. Just linked up with your sketch challenge! Congrats on such a fun one!


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