Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Another Domestic Evening

Domesticity is just not my thing these days. Given the choice of cooking & cleaning versus stampin', guess where *I* am headed! :-)

But for some reason the cooking bug hit me this past weekend, so tonight I went to town. For starters I made this Yogurt Marmalade Cake, and it smells goooooood. I owe baked goods to some guys at work (I begged for help with the promise of homemade sweets, what can I say?), so I will bring this baby to work in the morning. Being the rebel that I am, I cannot leave a recipe alone, even the first time I make it. This one calls for grated lemon zest, so I added both lemon and lime. Call me crazy, but those little flecks of green are fab!

While that was in the oven, I made this Corn Casserole to use up the corn I got this past weekend with my CSA share. No room in the fridge, and after several days at room temp, it was time. I also messed with this recipe by adding some chopped green peppers and some green onions (both also from the CSA share), and stuck that into the oven next to the cake. I am sure I broke some cross-contamination rule there, but eh, so what?!

While all THAT was going on, I threw some laundry into the dryer and then set in to make my personal version of this dish. The original is a sandwich, but I skip the bread and just put it on a plate. I have also been known to eat it right out of the skillet. Yes, it is that good. I soup this one up by adding some green peppers in with the onions, then when the onions get added back in with the meat, I throw in some sliced mushrooms.

Everything was done at the same time (who said miracles do not happen?) and I just finished off a plate of steak & onions sans bread with a side of yummy fresh corn casserole.

And yes, I know, all the recipes are from the same site. She cooks these for her hubby and the other cowboys on the ranch, and they work it off. I, on the other hand, do not. In my many comments on her posts, I repeatedly tell her she is single-handedly responsible for the fattening of America. She has not banned me from posting, yet, so I still say it is the truth. But man, her stuff is goooooood.

As I was dishing up din-din, I kept hearing this whoooshing sound. That's never a good thing. I had visions of spewing water pipes, either mine or my upstairs neighbors', neither of which sounded like it would end happily. Then I looked out the front door and looked at the sky and it was ominous. Dark. Thick clouds. Rumbling in the distance. Trees blowing. Big wind (that would be the whooosh). It has been so Hazy, Hot & Humid lately, I was amazed at the cool breeze, so I treated that cat (and myself) to some open windows and some nice, cool fresh air. A rarity in these parts in late July!

Oh, well, the cat is meowing that it is time for bed (how does she know that?), and I have a second wave of dishes to do before I can retire. Sigh. This is the reason I do not cook - I also have to clean up. So unfair!!!

I got my SU workshop order tonight, and it is sitting untouched in my Dining Room. It is now almost 9:30 pm, and I have stamped nothing. NOTHING! Drat! But you know what? Tomorrow I have a massaaaage scheduled after work, and when I come home, I'll think about some stampin'. Or maybe I'll work on my Brother's almost-belated b'day gift. We'll see.

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