Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Irreverence and a Few Surprises!

Let me start out with tonight's personal challenge. I have seen a lot of posts for last week's SCS Color Challenge that was Wild Wasabi, Taken With Teal, and White. Somehow I got it mixed up in my head that it also included Certainly Celery, but it did not. I am mentally merging my challenges, which is not a good thing...

So ANYway, I wanted to try it, and here is what I made this evening:

The stamps are all from GinaK's "You Know You're Old When ..." set, that of course I had to have. I drug (dragged) out my had-to-have Wild Wasabi pre-scored and mistakenly-cut textured card stock that I bought too much of. I cut off the short piece and replaced it with a strip of torn Taken With Teal. The patterned paper on the bra is from a scrap of SU in my scrap heap (it has graduated from a scrap 'pile'). The DS paper is from the old Prints Pack that I also have too many of. And in a fit of creativity I doodled around the edge of the white piece to liven it up a bit. In case you are wondering how in tarnation I, The Crooked Stamper, got those lines straight, I cheated and used a ruler.

Now, if you'll look very, very closely at the "thing" upon which that card is laying, it is a ........

... Scor-Pal! Yes, a Scor-Pal! I found it on my door-step this evening when I arrived home from The Day Job. Woo-hoo! And NO, I did not buy it ... I am the recipient of this fine gift compliments of The Scor-Pal Fairy. Yep, someone felt sorry for me and The Scor-Pal Fairy stepped in to soothe my fevered brow. Sweeeet! And I never win ANYthing, so this has me all a-twitter. Thank You Scor-Pal Fairy!!!!!!!

And last, but certainly not least, check out that counter, man! We are over the 9900 mark, and on our way to 10,000! Woo-hoo! I cannot THANK you guys - my beloved 3 (maybe 4) readers - enough! I feel the love!!! I am cookin' up sumpin' special for you guys, and once I figure out all the details, I'll post it for you so you can play. Stay tuned for that! Now I am off to play with my new toy! :-)


  1. seriously, there's a scor pal fairy???? maybe if i believe hard enough she'll visit me too! LOL

  2. I Believe ! I Believe! I Believe!

    Score-pal Fairy , please visit me too! :)

    Cute card as always... was just talking to someone and they were saying about how they have to "fold" themselves into their bra!

    Have a wonderfully productive, successful, happy , healthy and safe 4th of July weekend!

  3. I laughed at the sentiment on the card. LOL! Love your card and the fancy bra. hehe!

    Scor-Pal fairy?! Why didn't the Scor-Pal fairy visit me? I wish the Bind-it-All fairy would visit me...and the ink fairy...and the Copic fairy...well...I wish I had a lot of fairies to visit me.. :D

    Happy Thursday. :)


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