Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Nestabilities Update

I really should sub-title this post with: Where-in The Crooked Stamper Has Yet Another "Duuuuh" Moment. Remember when I discussed my Nestabilities tale of woe? Well, it is not over yet. Nope. The pain continues.

So I got two more boxes delivered to my doorstep the other day. One contained my Stampin' Up! pre-order with all the new In Colors. I was distracted by my workshops all weekend, so I have touched the packs of paper, but I have not broken into them yet. There's other stuff to do, man!

The second box contained 3/4 of my Nestabilities purchase. Sweeeeet! I have fondled them and planned to use them and everything, then I remembered I needed to make a baby card for a shower we're having at work tomorrow, (I was distracted by workshops until 10 pm last night ... who has the time to make a card ?!) and I broke them out just now!

My inspiration came from this card on jen del muro's blog, and the news that (1) my co-worker has no idea what the gender of the baby is, (2) her theme is animals, and (3) her color of choice is green. Green sooooo works for me (!), but baby green? Hmmmm ...

Into the stash I went! I opened my Bitty Baby Blessings papers from PTI, grabbed some PTI Spring Moss (cuz I knew it would match!), and some SU Groovy Guava for some contrast with all that green. This is what came out:

The ribbon is PTI Spring Moss, and the stamp is from the retired SU In The Wild set. I stamped the Zebra in Groovy Guava so he'd stand out. No, I did not line that up really well! I stamped him on a separate piece of card stock and cut him out so I had a chance of getting it sorta close to aligned. It's close.

Check out the charm, also from The Stash:

Do you doubt that I have enough stuff in The Other Room? I do not 'do' baby cards, so how to explain my collection of baby charms? Sigh ...

Next, check out that Nestabilities usage:

I cut, I embossed, I succeeded!!!! Yay, me!

Now for the sad truth...I thought I needed to re-purchase these Nestabilities because I'd used them on a card and wanted to replicate the tag, but I was missing the dies. Oh, I was missing the dies, all right! Alas, I was not missing the Nestabilities dies. Oh, no, no, no, NO! I was missing these:

"Missing" is such a misleading word. How about I was missing the brain cells to remember I have these IN A SPELLBINDERS STORAGE THINGY IN THE OTHER ROOM! See what happens when I put things away!!??!?!?! Sigh, and grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Well, at least the mystery of what the heck I'd used on those other cards has been solved. And I have a fine collection of toys with which I can entertain myself.

There is utterly no hope for me...just shoot me now. I have a fine collection (and remember it's a second collection, having bought, then sold, the first collection) of Nestabilities dies that I must now use and use and use again so I can live with myself.


  1. you're not hopeless LOL you're perfectly normal, i think

  2. When I started this hobby, I purchased "2nd" purchases from my enabling friend who forgot she already owned the rubber stamp. I never understood how she could forget, especially since she kept a catalog notebook of her stamps, until I amassed the stash I have now. So, yes, you are normal to the extent that your card making friends are normal :)

    I gotta buy those Nesties!!! Your card is wonderful, given the interesting co-worker criteria too :)

  3. Oh...heeee! Dang...I'm not there YET with the repurchasing but I am realizing now that I need a system to keep up with what I have else I buy multiples of EVERYthing.


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