Friday, July 25, 2008

Minor Disconnect (aka: Darn Cat!)

Well, she's done it this time! The little fur-ball sat on my laptop keyboard while the laptop was on. I'd innocently set it aside, and she sat right down on top of it. She has done this in the past with no ill effects, but this time - whoa! She managed to disable my wireless adapter and all sorts of other things, and I am just now (24 hours later) back amongst the cyber-folks. But just look at her, all nestled in my discarded SU packing paper...

Okay, it's a fuzzy shot, but I am not re-taking it. She totally rules this place. I wonder when I lost control of my own life? Hmmm ... I think it was the fateful day 9 years ago when she came to live with me. Yeah, that was it.

Moving on, I have been quite busy, but not really stamping. It's been more like scrappin' - working on my Brother's b'day book. I chose one of my still-in-the-wrapping SU On Board 5 x 5 Art Journals to use as the book. Just to show you I have actually done a few pages in it (stuck down - not just loose photos floating around), here are a few pages pre-snide comments. I plan to add those once everything is stuck down on ALL the pages. ;-)

This page is my nod to his house on 18+ largely-treed acres. As with most houses, it takes a lot of years and a lot of sweat to make it a home, and that is what they have done.

All the papers I am using as backgrounds are from this pack of card-stock weight, patterned, textured papers. All I can say is it is to DIE for. Get thee some, if you can!

This next page is all about his tractor. This is also the page that was the result of my practicing with The Lawn Ranger card the other day.

I decided to go with the tractor overlap onto the sky part, because I think it looks better than if the whole thing landed on the green. Green-on-green would get lost. I took advantage of the seam and decided to make it the part of the hood that lifts up to expose the engine for maintenance (like I'd know anything about that ...).

This next page is in tribute to their garden and general love of food. And the fresher the better!

This foody page is made up of so many parts-is-parts, it's taken me about 2 days just to get a layout I like. The lace on the table is from my Crafty Secrets Clear Art Stamps Kitchen Classics set. It is two layers thick because I originally did it on white, then changed it to cream, and it was stuck on so well I refused to take it off, so it is layered. And I decided I like it, so there!

The basket is a picture of one of the two Longaberger baskets I own. This is my Market Basket, and it did not matter if the light was flourescent and yellow, because I cut it out anyway. The striped "wallpaper" was dumb luck. I was looking in The Stash for a piece of red & white checked paper when I stumbled across the Blue section and this piece. Bingo! It became the perfect back-drop for all those veggies, which, by the way, are from my now non-existent stash (all gone!) of Jolee's veggies that I'd hoarded many years ago.

The forks and spoons I got online when I was looking for some tools charms that I used on another page. I got them, you know, to justify the shipping.

My favorite part of this page is the large expanse of red that I can use to write in some wicked big-sister comments. :-)

Okay, that is all I have to share from The Book. But to show you I did actually stamp something this week, here is my feeble attempt to CASE this card by June. Hey, I think I've just completed the loop: first, I referenced one of her cards, then she referenced one of mine, and now I am copying hers. Way to go!

So June is in a "using up the scraps" mode, and I decide to go for it this month myself, and I have been working out of my scrap pile for making some of my cards.

I had an open pack of origami papers in the scrap pile, and I loved this sheet (they are so "Leslie" colors). As you can see, even with my Ott lights, I managed to be very, very OFF with the colors.

When I first saw the light color in the background, I thought it was Apricot, and I originally layered the paper with Apricot. Then I decided I did not like it one bit, so I tried Creamy Caramel and then Kraft, and for the life of me I cannot remember which one I ended up with! Aaaaugh!

To totally screw it up, I chose the Marigold brads from my stash. I tried Khaki, but I thought the Marigold looked better. Well, I thought they looked better at that time, but looking at the photo, I think I was wrong.

This card will eventually go into the One of a Kind bin for my markets. But it was fun trying!

I think I'll go make a few cards for my Saturday market. No frozen towels this weekend. I'll report back on how I fare without them.

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  1. Oh oh...THIS CAT HERE OF MINE. I am going to skin him alive! I swear! He goes crazy over the SU! packaging, too. LOL!

    And that book! My word! Look at all that fabulous work. You're so talented. :)


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