Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tools Central

I am driven; nay, I am obsessed with using these new toys of mine. Tonight I broke open my PTI Guide Lines set and got to work. I was determined to demonstrate that even I, The Crooked Stamper, was capable of lining up clear stamps designed to be lined up, and let me tell you: I think I can do this!

Here is my first try using the Guide Lines grid, stamped twice, I might add, and two of the small images.

I stamped the elongated image in the same color as the grid lines, alternating direction and skipping squares. I think I copied this idea from one of the PTI samples, and I love it! The images are really easy to line up since they are designed to do just that! And I only messed up a little.

Here you can see some of the blurry detail, and how I got it pretty close:

Hey! First try ... Crooked Stamper ... not too bad! I think there is hope!

As for the Nesties, I went nuts. I used the largest square to cut out the grid design, and two of the smallest ovals to make the layers for the sentiment. I had also cut out a larger oval and mat, but it covered up too much of my hard-won patterned square, so that's why I decided to go smaller.

Also notice I used the Scor-Pal again to make a little gutter for the ribbon. I punched two slots with the SU Horizontal Slot punch - one under the square and one on the left for tying the knot. That way the ribbon runs underneath the Moss strip and does not show anywhere (like inside the card).

I opted for this sentiment since someone commented at my recent Saturday market that I needed more "Miss You" cards. And yes, I managed to stamp it crooked, even with the clear stamp and the clear block ...

That's it! Ah, the sweet feeling of success! Now I must go focus on my Brother's birthday gift. At the rate I am going, it will be next year before it has any substance to it, but his b'day is the first week of August. Hmmm ... maybe I'll stamp my own patterned pages ... hmmmm ....


  1. Another gorgeous card! Love the colors.

    Oh, how I would love a Scor-pal! Heck, I'd settle for a scallop circle punch! :)

  2. Just beautiful! You may have to rename your blog!

  3. totally gorgeous...i need a scor pal, nestabilities AND that set from PTI, now

  4. That is SO pretty! I haven't purchased any PTI yet...dunno what I'm waiting for. Heh.

  5. This is a great card! Go Leslie, go Leslie, go Leslie :)

  6. I have got to get that PTI set! You did such a fabulous job with it. I love your blog -- I've been lurking for so long! Your stuff is so great!

  7. Love that card.

    So... do you like that PTI set? I'm on the fence about ordering it.


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