Thursday, July 10, 2008

Moving Right Along ...

Two of my co-workers bought homes for the first time and closed within one day of each other. What are the chances of that happening!? So it was the perfect excuse for me to break open my new PTI Boards & Beams set and make them "Congratulations On Your New Home" cards:

These two cards are the same, except of course for the house versus the townhouse. Other than that they are pretty much the same. The sky is a picture I took of ... the sky ... on a slow market day. I think it looks a lot better than anything I could have sponged.

And yes, I cut all those pieces out - the houses, the trees, the fence parts! I also re-stamped the door for the townhouse and covered the one you see here with a more muted version. [This one looks like a real door would have if I'd painted it. ;-) ] I am not so sure I'd make these en masse for selling, mostly because of the level of work involved, but I might make one or two for my markets.

Did you notice I used my new Scor-Pal to frame the sentiment on the bottom? It was really quite easy to do. I think I am gonna like this new toy!

So they've both moved into their new homes, and all I've managed to do is ink up another stamp set so I can move it into The Other Room. I had three boxes of stuff from SU delivered to my doorstep this evening, and they are just begging to be opened! Two are customer orders, and one is mine, mine, all mine! My first load of In Color hoarding! And that table that is once again all covered up? Bah! There's plenty of time to find it before Sunday! I think ...


  1. Oh, I really, really like these! Great cards! All the piece work is outstanding...just beautiful!

  2. these are beautiful, this set by PTI is so calling my name! it's definitely on the short list :)

  3. I love the differences between the two.

  4. Beautiful!! THREE boxes of SU?! hehe! My husband gets all upset over two packages that arrived for me today...I didn't tell him about the other 2 coming the beginning of next week. Hehe!


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