Friday, June 4, 2010

A Happy Accident, and More!

Tonight I bring you a Happy Accident. For the uninitiated among you, a Happy Accident is where you mess up royally, but then decide you like it ... you really like it! This, dear readers, is my Happy Accident:

I did not intend for this card to look this way. Nope. Last night, this card started out as a base layer(s) for my Love Potion image, which you will see in a moment. But I got a little carried away, given all the stuff within reach on my work table - BG papers, punches, etc. It started out innocently enough with the two BG papers, but I thought square/straight was boring, so I scalloped the yellow layer. Then I added the purple scallop. Then I decided they looked stoopid on a straight-edged white base, so I scalloped that, too. Then the top of the card was nekkid so I added a strip of purple up there, too. Then I attached the yellow layer crooked (surprise) so I needed to cover it up with that purty yellow ribbon. Then I tried to add the Love Potion image (also layered) and my head exploded, so I went to bed.

Tonight, I revisited the card, and ... I liked it without the Love Potion image, so I just went with it! I called it done. But then I thought it needed something, since I hadn't actually stamped anything, so I added the charm. NOW it was done. I have three of these. I still had the Love Potion images, too. What to do, what to do.

So I moved on to this:

These orange layers were what had me playing with the first set of papers. This Love Potion image was what caused my head to explode last night. I decided to keep the orange and try the orange + pink combo I have tried only maybe one other time in my stampy life. For this, my first Love Potion effort, I embossed the card front with the new SU Victorian Wallpaper embossing folder (sneak peek!), then just attached the layered pieces to it. Meh. Not loving it.

Oh, that ribbon? Here's how I tied it around the card front:

I pushed the bottom piece through the hole and tied it around the edge of the card. Again: meh. Not in love with it. I decided the pink was too much all by its lonesome, so here is my second and final version of the card:

By trimming the pink piece and layering it on a white base, I had something to tie the ribbon around (around which to tie the ribbon). I like this one much better, and I made 2 of these.

Along the way, I realized I should probably sub-title this post "Nestie Frenzy". Look at my staging area:

Those are all the remaining images and sentiments I stamped the other night, then die-cut with various Nesties. I also took out a second die for each one to use on the color layers once I figure out what they'll be. I have images and sentiments for 6 more cards here, and I hope to get to them on Sunday.

Also, the remains of my coloring effort for all those images:

Yeah, Copic Central, here. I'm always afraid to put the markers away before the cards are complete in case I need to touch up something and forget which colors I used. And since I colored all the images before I started to assemble the first card, well, they're all still out. Once ALL the cards are done, I'll put away the markers. Promise.

Tomorrow morning I'll get up early (hahahahahaha, yeah, right) to stamp the backs of the cards, then bag & tag em and take them with me to the farmers market. It's hazy, hot & humid out there (supposed to get down to 74 tonight - ohboy), and I almost melted tonight at the Friday market. I don't like that we have August weather in June this year. This does not bode well for August. Just sayin'.

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  1. i felt the same way as you with the "if this is june 3, just set me ON FIRE before august" ...BUT...the last couple of years we've had hellish junes with milder-than-usual (or no worse than usual) july & august. so i'm refusing to panic.

    i am ♥LOVING♥ the "scallops take over the world" card... (your process is a lot like my process...i feel more like the conductor of an orchestra than the composer of the piece most of the time!) ...and the love potion stamp & card are very cool! i am particularly taken with the use of MULTIPLE layered nesties (♥♥♥!) and proudly point out that i noticed before you mentioned it!!! :)

  2. Lauren CASEd you or will CASE you with her most recent scene card...she really loved your multiple Nesties!

    I do the same thing with my copic markers...we can be taught!


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