Thursday, June 24, 2010

Random Rambling Thursday

1. I spent the better part of this week making 40 (yes 40!) Milestone/Decade birthday cards. I start this effort by making up a design, then I go into Mass Production mode. I don't like Mass Production mode. There, I've decided. I embossed all the numbers for the "manly" cards, but for the "girlie" cards I just stamped them in SU's Basic Gray. I liked the more subtle look of that (not shiny), and they went better with the soft pink & coordinating colors. I now have 40 completed cards, and I am fatigued. And my arm hurts. And I wore out two punches. Have I mentioned I no longer like Mass Production?

2. A moment of silence, please, for my 1" circle punch that gave up the ghost tonight. She was complaining and sticking and finally she quit. She lived a good life, and she died doing what she did best. Well, that's a lie, because when she did her best, she would actually punch a 1" circle. Tonight, she got stuck and, well, she died.

3. The 1/2" punch isn't doing so well, either.

4. I must now add two punches to my "OMG, it's almost July 1st and I must be ready to place my Demo order to get ALL THE NEW STUFF from the new SU catalog and EXPEDITE IT so I have it in my paws before my July Stamp Camps so everyone can drool and then they will need it, too" list. Yes, I have one. Yes, it is written out so I won't need to look up anything. Yes, I took the day off to do this. Yes, I am sick.

5. My pre-ordered SU Catalogs were just this very evening dropped at my door-step. I have spammed my SU customers. I told them to NOT come tonight, as some of them would have tried. (*waves* hi, ladies!)

6. My Target now has food. It's like I've died and gone to heaven. Most of you know I don't eat at home much, and no, I don't eat out or carry in, either. I eat breakfast and lunch at work, and I skip dinner. No grocery shopping = no food left to grow personalities in my fridge, and more money for stamps and pretty paper. But if I need ONE THING, I can now get it at Target while I'm picking up some cat litter. My needs are few, and I am easily entertained. You see, tonight I had to get cat litter, as I was 100% OUT, and while I was there, I picked up some sandwich fixins. Easy, peasy. Now, since I detest having to go grocery shopping, I no longer have to! Oh, my, life is good.

7. My LSS called me this evening and told me my pre-ordered Basic Grey 6x6 pads have arrived. If you have a LSS that offers this "every time BG comes out with a new 6x6 pad, I'll pull one of each for you" service, beware. The good part is, as every collector hoarder paper crafter knows: I have them all. The bad part is: my shelf for "miscellaneous 6x6 paper pads" is overflowing. Does anyone see a problem with this? Because *I* don't. (heh heh I have them all! *insert diabolical laugh here*)

8. I had a random thought #8, but I just forgot what it was. OH! Yes! There is only ONE DAY left to play Spot The Mistake! Don't miss out on a chance to get something from my stash! Play Now. Play often!

Okay, now that I've done my brain dump, I can go to bed. Good night, and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Yes, I remember one of your attempts at grocery shopping...with the smart cart. It didn't turn out well at all, except for the Mary Kay car! HUGZ


  2. It totally makes my day to come to your blog and read your rants. Thanks for being MY entertainment for this evening :)

  3. The pull BG 6x6s for you Oh, I didn't know Angela would do that...but my 6x6 basket in my craft room is FULL, which is why you have seen a lot of cards using BG Lemonade the past couple of months; it is the pad I have used most often, so I've been trying to use it up completely. Hmm...I wonder if she will order 6x6 Cosmo Cricket for me...does October Afternoon come in 6x6? I could be in trouble...

  4. *40* milestone birthday cards??!?!?!?! YIKES! (i have never loved MPmode...but it impresses the heck outta me when others do it, sore arms and all!) ♥♥♥

    ps: i don't really see a problem with #7 either...which is why i will take great pains to NEVER EVER find out if i know anyone who would do that!!! :) :) :)


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